5 Hidden Criteria For Selecting The Best Interior Designer in 2020? 

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5 Hidden Criterias For Selecting The Best Interior Designer? 

Whether remodeling an old house, getting the new one designed or getting your villa designed with jacuzzi it’s always better to hire a professional for the job. 

selecting the best interior designer

More Is Not Always Good

Nowadays with so many SEO, marketing or PR agencies being hired by interior designers, it’s really very difficult to mark the genuine Designers. Hence its crucial to understand a heavily marketing invested designer and a genuine designer. 

One trick many Interior designers doing these days is making fake profile and posting great reviews about them self at various social media accounts. 

First Tip for this could be the number of reviews. If the designer has too many positive reviews compared to the rest of the designers, it’s a red flag to be considered. But Wait.  Next to be checked is, type of social media, videos, images designer is posting on the internet. 

Generally a designer who is too much into marketing and not into genuine work can be seen posting too many videos of their works with professional quality. 

Instead of spreading knowledge these kinds of designers just post about them self. Their blogs would be all about them being portrayed as the best interior designers. 

social media of best interior designers graphic

The Most Important is, if your shortlisted designer is showing he has done 1000’s of projects, while charging you a low amount, it’s a BIG red flag, as this profession doesn’t allow a good designer to do so many projects in a small amount of time. That means he is not giving enough time to each project, and not making them unique. 

Just like your space/ place is precious, investing your time and money with the best interior designer is one of the most crucial steps to take you and your space way ahead of its time.

But before you rush to consult the first name you find, get a checklist to ensure you choose a credible and experienced designer who can deliver a result that you’ll love for years to come. 

Start Of Search Of The Best professional

Get the specifics of the designer you find on Google, Facebook, Quora, or twitter or through your relative/ colleague who might recommend an Interior designer to you. 

So, first decide on the look, the budget, the timelines and also, the location. All these could be critical and even connected to each other. 

Its always best to hire a designer who design with time, 

Always say no to 

ugly apartment interior design

Why? Because there is no taste to this kind of interior, designer has used ugly looking pattern on sofa, random grill in the ceiling with hidden light. Tv unit with again an alien design. Rubbish, plus this was or is never trendy. 

Go For Clean looking functional designs, yes this one is trendy and has good taste. 


wall with paintings with brown leather chair and white table in white space with green plants

These days there are so many places to get design inspiration for the place you intend to get designed, and it can even lead to you connecting with interior designers that create inspiring spaces. 

For example, Houzz has a great LookBook where you can find an interior designer by style. Other online magazines, such as, Behance, quora, can help you find incredibly talented interior design leads as well.

Remember to shortlist at least 5 interior designers before proceeding ahead. 

Mark them based upon their ratings by their online reviews and social activity. 

You wouldn’t want to get into discussions and at a certain point of work find the timelines too long. So, better create these filters even before you begin.

So, look for them on social media, speak to your friends, family who recently hired an interior designer or another key source is décor magazines and blogs that talk about architecture and design. Shortlist the ones that fit your list of filters. This way you would have a handful of them to approach.

Portfolio Of Shortlisted Interior Designer

When you have an eye on the one, do a background check about their qualifications, company. previous projects. Take a look at their portfolio, go through the different range of design styles. but if everything has a similar design? Then you know that your home will also end up looking like a close copy of all the others.

Discuss About The Design Style

The discussion shouldn’t only be focused on the project budget. But it should also reflect the designer’s work style. Does he/she listen to your questions, are they trying to persuade?, 

Will he/she accomplish your goals within your budget?, Can he/she adapt to suit your style, schedule, and other needs?

Ask his experience with the kind of project you wish to have. 

Also check if he has done the kind of work he has done. Each designer is unique, if he is into traditional design he might not be able to design your future contemporary apartment. 

Similarly while selecting the designer look at his team. If they are just college pass out or new to designing, there are mistakes bound to happen. 

Refrain from designers of this sort. 

Sign The Design Contract

If you feel that the interior designer is listening closely to your ideas and able to interpret your style, you’ve found a winner.

Before any work is done and before you pay anything, make sure you sign a contract. It should specify responsibilities, a timeline, budgetary limits and all the important aspects. The contract should mention for how much time you have hired him, his stages of payments.

It should also have clauses which you may not have considered but might happen, for example, will he be ready to go out of the city with you to purchase the showroom items, what would be his per day charges. 


Your home must reflect your personality and have unique touches. Wishes in Search. 

Conclusion :

Even after selecting the interior designer carefully, there are chances that you might have made mistake, but trust us, AS the above said Tips are best selection procedure as heard by our previous clients. 

Ultimately its your gut feel, which you give you the design of your taste. 


Poster with a quote and photo, Brick wall cladding in grey paint and world map painted over it, Ogling Inches Director posing against the wall

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