Benefits of Design-Build Services

  • Seamless Process. No conflicting recommendations or discrepancies from contractors.
  • Rapid Delivery.  With Ogling Inches, architectural design and construction happen concurrently, which speeds up schedules.
  • Better Communication. communication among all parties will be easier and happen more frequently.
  • Better Solutions and Value. With our design-build teams, there is no limit to the solutions and ideas that come to fruition.
  • Cost Savings. The efficiency of design-build can greatly reduce construction costs versus if an owner had chosen separate design and construction entities.
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Design Build

We design, we build for you. End to End.

We Design and We build for you..

Stages of the Design-Build Process

  1. Pre-Construction Assessments – Design Brief/ Concept discussion
  2. Architectural Design – Detailed design, construction document sign off
  3. Construction – Setting up project to full swing on site execution
  4. Post Construction – Project walk through, briefing over working of different elements.

“Ogling Inches Is The only Architects In Pune, Who Is Creating Smart Sheets To Maintain Project Design, Finances, Execution and Timeline A Cakewalk for Clients.

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