How To Design Your Own Apartment In An Easy Way?

Living room with yellow and blue sofa and glass center table with chandelier. Blue and floral curtains stacked on side. Dining area with wooden chairs and hanging lights.
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Honestly, everyone loves to stay in a well-designed apartment of their own. The design of your home can be an expression of yourself and builds a story through the colors and styles that you choose. 

Well not every one of us can afford to hire the best interior designer or professionals but that doesn’t mean your home cannot look appealing. 

If you don’t have much of a knack for design, a few basic techniques can go a long way. These decorating rules and principles are simple enough that anyone can apply them. Just remember to have fun while going through this process. 

First, Look At The Internet For Apartment Design Options

When you are doing your own apartment it’s really tough to understand what you wish your home to look like. Even if you like something that might not be easily available at the market or online store. 

interior design art GIF by MyDomaine

Still start and note down what kind of colour you like, fresh? Bright? Warm? Dark?
Similarly, jot down the ideas you like in curtains, light fixtures, furniture, painting, accessories, mattresses, etc etc. This is a bit of a time-consuming task but is the backbone of getting the best out of your efforts which you would be taking later. 
We recommend Pinterest and Houzz forum for that. It has several ideas, colour palettes, and trending design options to choose from. Select all those and save it in a folder on your computer. 
Don’t worry about the combinations they might have used if you don’t light a particular painting in a particular picture. Just save images based upon your liking over the interior design elements. We will look at the next steps to understand what needs to get an awesome house for yourself. 
We love google drive for saving and sharing your ideas. You can save, comment, and send it to your family through whatsapp. 

Now Use Softwares To Plan Your Home Planning

Designing Involves planning you spaces, Living room, Kitchen, Bed Room. 

If the design is not technically done well, Good design would just be a wish. 

If your room has 9 feet width you can fit a four-seater sofa with side tables. Using the space most efficiently is the first most important step of designing a great home of yours. 
For example, Plan, where you want to sit and where you want your Tv unit to be, The distances between the furniture should be enough so you can watch Tv without hurting your eyes. 
The circulation of the passage should be 3 feet at least in the house. 
To Understand all these it’s better to use softwares. Even we interior designers use it. Though we use very highly complex and detailed softwares, we have good news here. It is easiest to operate softwares which is free and works well if you want your space to design.
friend project GIF
Out of all we love this virtual space software. It has ready furniture modules, colour options, so you can discuss the plan options with your husband. 
Even if any software charges you for exporting your work images, you can take the screen shot of the screen and save that image to discuss with your family. 
Now as you are set with the plan, let’s start with actual designing at your home. 

Shortlist The Items And Furniture

You have done the basic planning and now you know what size furniture you want where and what colour or light fixture where.
Start shortlisting the local store and an online store for chairs, sofas, side tables, curtains, light fixture and carpet. 
Make a list. You don’t want too much but also not too less, mark the item with the cost of it. You will also understand the total budget of your liking and finetune the selection. 
If it’s going out of budget you can either skip it for now, so you can purchase later or you can select something which is your second option and comes under the budget assigned for your apartment design.  
So, You have everything at its place, now it’s a good time to start on site i.e your own Home.  
Start with painting. 

Find Your All The Room’s Focal Point

It’s the first point people’s eyes land on when entering a room and it’s the emphasis point around which you build the rest of your design. 
Many rooms have built-in focal points like a large window with a view, fireplaces or angled walls. 
If your room doesn’t have a built-in focal point you can create one by adding a large piece of art or adding bold color to the accent wall, then accessorizing it or adding an impressive furniture piece, a statement piece of artwork or mirror can carry a room by itself. 
In this case, you’ll want to make sure the piece you choose is big enough to suit the wall it’s placed on. 
It should be placed at eye-level and, whenever possible, you should add accent lighting to highlight the piece even further.
For example, in the above picture, the forest green color from ‘Asian paints’ and the frames make the focal point of the room.
Go easy on color selection for the home walls and ceiling
Paint smaller rooms in softer and neutral colors to help make them feel larger. You can add decorative mirrors that reflect natural light and make space feel cozy and warm. 
Shades of Greys, Taupe, Beige, and Greige available in  the recent catalog of Jotun lady can never go wrong. You can choose to stay within the same shade and use a monochromatic approach such as selecting a variety of shades of blue for subtle color that tends to be soothing.
This tends to look good in a bathroom or a bedroom if you want the feeling of calmness. Just choose your favorite color and overlap the shades. 
For example, select a darker color for the wall and then another in the same color scheme but different shade and slightly lighter for the trim.

Mix It Up To Give Your Apartment A Breath Of Life

Don’t be afraid to let your favorite looks mix. Add old furniture alongside your new one, your furniture should tell a story if you fell in love the first time you saw that tea table and are still in love with its beauty there’s no reason why it can’t be placed alongside your modern settee.
 Contrast, which is what’s achieved by mixing and matching will provide visual interest. We tend to gravitate towards spaces that give our eyes multiple elements to examine within a cohesive whole.
The key to mixing patterns successfully is combining different prints that still have a few common threads to tie them together. 
Consider keeping your prints within the same color palette. Or, if you feel like trying for a more advanced color scheme like a tetradic scheme, keep the patterns within the same theme.
Texture is key when it comes to adding visual weight to the room and keeping the space grounded.
Remember that rough textures often read as weightier and more comfortable to our eyes than smooth ones. 
So, if you’re looking for a welcoming oasis, rough textures are the way to go, whereas smooth textures generate a sleek look. Layer your lighting.

paint shade card with paint brush on marble finish

Adding different lighting in your room gives it a dimension. The three basic types of lightings are;
Ambient lighting – It’s also called general lighting, and it’s the overhead lighting meant to evenly illuminate a room. We generally recommend Tisva Concealed light. 
Accent lighting- Accent lights are meant to highlight a particular object. You might see them above the painting, for example.
Task lighting- As the name suggests the task lights provide increased light for tasks that require accuracy, such as reading lights on your study table or below overhead lights in the kitchen to provide an extra light when chopping vegetables, etc. We Love Whiteteak for this. 

Go Subtle For Everything Except ART

Art could never be a mistake. Keeping the whole house colour scheme subtle set 90 percent of the work. Rest 10 Percent ART pieces could manage for you. 
You can purchase the art works from a local store, commission an artwork you like to an art college student you know or Kalamkari studio
Now as you have completed the whole House. It’s time to enjoy your new house design. We hope it won’t be a big trouble if you have followed our instructions. We would appreciate it if you can tag us and tell us about your final house design. 

wall with paintings with brown leather chair and white table in white space with green plants

Please comment and let us know if the article helped you and in what way. Wish you a very happy home. 

Conclusion :

I know, it is super difficult to design your own apartment, but the steps we are talking about will make it a cakewalk for you to design your dream home. 

Let us know your comments for us to improvise our blog here. 

Wish you good luck with your new Home. Thanks

Poster with a quote and photo, Brick wall cladding in grey paint and world map painted over it, Ogling Inches Director posing against the wall

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2 thoughts on “How To Design Your Own Apartment In An Easy Way?”

  1. Pingback: Areas Your Interior Designer May Forget To Design -

  2. Pingback: Decorative Living Room Interior Color Ideas

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