10 Tips to Choose Right Sofa Layout for Your Home

Sofa Layout

A sofa is one of the everyday furniture in any space of a room and the essential part of the room. They are the largest piece of furniture in a room. During the Home, Arrangement Ideas sofa is considered a major furniture investment, and it is one of the important choices because it will be part of your room and life for more than a decade. 

While style inclination is a personal matter, while choosing a good quality sofa, certain criteria should meet to be happy with your choice for many years. The common mistakes while choosing a sofa is the sofa’s size, whether it will fit the room layout, the color of the sofa matches the color of the room and the comfort of an expected piece.

Here are some home arrangement ideas on How to Place Sofa in Living Room and avoid these mistakes.

Purpose of purchase

Before taking the decision on the type of sofa, you decide to purchase, ask the following questions to yourself and discuss with your family members.

  • What will be the sofa used for?
  • What kind of environment will the room host, like partying or social gathering?
  • What kind of guests will be visiting your home? Whether they will VIP or family or friends?
  • What is the purpose of purchasing the sofa?
  • Answer to these questions will help you make a sensible decision while selecting the sofa

Consider the suitability

There is no point if the sofa doesn’t fit you well. How to place a sofa in the living room should be comfortable for all the family members. For example, if you are going to choose a recliner sofa, ensure it is comfortable. The primary consideration should be the depth of the seats; always select shallow or deep seats.

Considering your height, the seat should provide support to your back with feet flat on the floor. If you like taking a nap on your couch, ensure that it is long enough for you to be comfortable.

Measure the size of the sofa

There is nothing harsher than buying an item of furniture that doesn’t fit your home; hence you must measure and ensure that maximum sofa dimension fits your suit and space. If you have a bigger room, you will have to decide precisely how much of the room is to be covered by the sofa.

Do you wish to include other chairs or couches? Do you want a coffee table? If so, you will have to choose a simple or an L-shaped sofa from Interior Designers in Pune that will best suit your requirement. If the sofa is going to be a focal point of your room, then pick up a rounder sofa that will take up more room and provide a lot of seating.

The shape which will suit the room

Once the sofa’s function is determined, now is the time to decide which shape will help fulfill the purpose and how to place a sofa in the living room. An L-shape sofa will help you to divide the room; they will create a separate living room from the dining room.

A sofa with a rounder shape is a conducive type; it serves the purpose of a gathering area for people. You can use a daybed sofa if you are going to include a lot of chairs and tables in your living room. It provides a seating arrangement for several people who can work as a more sophisticated version.

Selecting a color of the couch

It would help if you were not afraid to choose a fun print for your couch. If you are not convinced to experiment with bolder colors and patterns for your sofa, you can go with traditional patterns. You can also add a more subtle sense to your living room by using a classic sofa and chairs; it will also provide diversity.

Consider the frame

The furniture fabric can be replaced once it gets old and worn out, but no couch can be considered as good furniture if it doesn’t have good quality and a solid frame. If you wish to buy a sturdy couch, you need to understand how to determine a quality frame.

Cheaper sofas have frames made up of plastic or metal, but a quality sofa will be made up of a hardwood frame. If it is not made up of quality material, the sofa will last only for five to six years. To choose a sofa, an examination of the frame is necessary.

Testing the arms

While checking a sofa, it is always best to test the arms of the sofa to ensure that it is very tight. In a family, there will be active children, and the common part of the couch that will cause failure other than the fabric is the couch’s arms. Always test the couch, push the arms, and look for any sign of tremble.

Consider the springs

The sofa gives a bouncy feel because of the spring. Spring is provided in some of the couches, and it makes us feel relaxed and comfortable. You can feel the spring through the upholstery. There should be too much support to be given when you sit on the couch.

Padding to be felt

The frame and the corners, including the arms, should be tested for padding. Check all the corners and make sure you feel the edges of the frame through the furniture’s fabric. If you can feel the edge of the sofa, you will not be comfortable using it.

Appraise the upholstery

For comfortable sitting on the sofa, you need quality upholstery, but it is the visual appeal. If the pattern is mismatched, then it will provide a sense that something is off. There is a countless option in the fabric to select from, which will match the surrounding of the room. 

Even after going through the above tips, if you cannot decide the type of couch that will match your room, you can take the professional help of Interior Designers in Pune, who will provide you countless options once they have understood their requirement. If you have a budget, you should share it with them to not end up buying a pricy sofa for your room.

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