10 Tropical Modern Decorating Ideas in 2020

Modern Decorating Ideas in 2020

The changing world of 2020 is teaching us a lot of things and most importantly, it has taught us to love our home. The true meaning of ‘Home, Sweet Home’ has been realized the most in this year than never before.

So, it is time to rethink about modifying your home décor. To beautify your house, you can consult the best interior designers in Pune or your hometown. They can provide the best tropical interior design ideas to modify each room of your house. Whether it is your living room or the bedroom, obtaining tropical interior designs can be the best choice to be trendy and updated.

Before knowing about the best tropical designs for your house, you should have ideas about what tropical interior design is.

Tropical style defines comfort, utility, and ease. There are two types of tropical interior- timeless and trendy. interior design your house as per your personality. If you are a bit traditional and prefer the elegance, timeless design is for you while the trendy tropical design is for the modern people who always love to follow something out-of-the-box.

Tropical interior designs include color tones of blue, green, and motifs like islands, tropical plants, simple floral prints, and so on. So, based on that idea, here are 10 tropical modern decorating ideas you can incorporate in your house today. Have a look-

  1. Frameless Mirrors or with Natural Frames

Whether it is your bedroom or your living room, mirrors play an important role in decorating your rooms. It can make your rooms bigger and brighter.

Frameless mirror in living room

Experiment with the frames of the mirrors. You can keep it frameless or go for any natural frameworks, like wood, marble, stone, rattan, etc.

  1. Woven Cane Furniture

If you want to put a lounge bed in your living room or want your bedside cabinet a bit unique, you can always go for woven cane materials.

Cane furniture

This looks wonderful, natural, and never goes out of style.

  1. Rattan Furniture

As you already know tropical interior design can be traditional too. So, rattan furniture is in fashion for a long time and it is still winning many hearts. You can buy chairs, daybeds, benches, stools, etc. of this material. Such furniture makes you feel easy-going, airy, and light, to be precise those remind you of the soothing summer.

woven cane furniture

Install a large green plant beside your rattan sofa set, throw white linen on it, and spend your lazy afternoon on it with your favorite book!

  1. Shells and Candles

Tropical interior design takes you closer to nature. So, if you get bored with the urban grayness, add a more naturalistic feeling to your home décor.

shells interior design

Designing your rooms with candles and shells can create a boho look in your house and can also match with your adventurous personality.

If you want to remember the holidays you spent on a beach, you can add shell decoration in your house while aromatic and colorful candles can set your mood after a tiring day.

  1. Hanging Chairs

This is a perfect fusion of traditional and trendy tropical home décor ideas that you can incorporate in your house now. If you have a backyard or a nice balcony, hanging chairs can set the vibe of holidays.

hanging hair

Have a cozy corner in your house and install a hanging light on it. Enjoy sitting there and reading your favorite book or watching raining outside.

  1. Teak Utensils

Tropical home décor ideas can let you spread your creative wings more. You can play with the ideas and use those in buying the matching utensils with your rattan furniture.

teak wood utensils

How about teak bowls and plates? Isn’t that amazing? Teak is a natural material that gives you a tropical essence. While you serve condiments to the guests in such utensils, it will show your sophisticated taste.

  1. Tropical Plants

The tropical interior design living room can’t be accomplished if you don’t install tropical plants. Go for cacti, succulents, and other tropical plants that can be installed in your living room and can bring a sense of comfort in your living room.

indoor house plants

Installing such plants can soothe your tired eyes with enough greenery and improves air quality.

If natural plants are difficult to maintain, you can also go for plant motifs on curtains, sofa covers, etc.

  1. Earthen Pots and Ceramics

Designer earthen pots and ceramics can bring an exclusive look to the home décor. You can have such earthen pottery with tribal inscriptions on it to make it more tropical.

earthen pots

If your living room or bedroom is monochrome, having such a large, signature piece of pottery can define your room wonderfully and also add vibrancy. You can also have a white or beige tone on such pots if your rooms are colorful.

Maintaining balance is the ultimate thing you need to have a beautiful interior decoration.

  1. Leather Items

To add elegance and sophistication, leather decoration always takes an important place. Not only that, but it also looks unique when fusioned with wood.

leather decor black and white

You can use white, brown, black, cream-colored leather while choosing wall décor. The warmth and richness leather adds to your home décor is amazing.

  1. Woven Basket

Last, but not least, woven baskets are famous among the interior decorators while giving a tropical touch to the interior decoration of your house.

woven baskets decor

Wooden baskets can serve as wall décor while you can use it as a storage unit in your toilet to add an oomph factor to your bathroom.

So, these are some of the best home décor ideas based on tropical designs that you can have in your house in 2020. You can be more creative and come up with more exclusive ideas to make your house look beautiful and unique. Make sure when you contact any interior decorator, you should check whether he/she can provide customized services to you. Share your ideas with him and try to incorporate theirs into your plan to have your house in your way. Don’t do anything over as you don’t want your house to look clumsy.

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