6 Best Parameters To Select Curtains For Indian Home


With Experience we have shortlisted these 6 parameters to select curtains for an Indian Home.

How To Select The Right Curtains For Your Home? That’s a Regular question by a homeowner. It’s very difficult to rightly select curtains for your Indian Home. Whether your home has, contemporary design, Industrial or Bohemian style.

Every Indian home needs a good looking and easy to maintain curtains which can cover your rooms with harsh sunlight when needed and look Awesome. Every interior designer for home says the same thing –

“Curtains complete the room. The only condition you have to follow is to select your curtains  carefully.”

  • Heavy classic or dainty prints or sheer?
  • minimal texture or texture free fabric?
  • Dry clean only or washing machine friendly?
  • Vibrant colors or sheer?
  • Muslin, cotton, gauze, nylon, lace, voile, or synthetic fabric?
  • Confused?

Sure you are because the choices are endless of curtains, but don’t worry we being in the profession of ‘interiors for homes’ have got your back. Choosing the right curtain for your space can be a little tricky.

Here are a few tips and tricks to ease up your work & decide on multiple factors. Which color to go for, which texture, pattern, Lining, Wait,  what is Lining. Don’t worry you will learn all about curtains for your home here.

Just read and follow what I am saying here and you would be a master of certain selection or design for your home. Once you understood the clearly explained points here, you may become a master and would find it very easy to plan your windows decoration.

Just remember to have fun while you learn the art of curtain selection from Masters of Interior Design In India.

1. Selecting the fabric

First, let’s talk about the type of look you want in your space, there could be simply two options to select the fabric for your rooms.

One Heavier and lighter in thickness. Heavier fabrics go beautifully with traditional decor while minimalistic decor goes with fabrics like cotton and linen. Velvet is generally considered heavy cloth. It has its own sheen and softness. For a luxurious look and feel. Interior designers look for velvet fabric a lot.

If your room has shiny Metal, stone and glossy finish to wood go for it without a doubt. Velvet won’t disappoint you.

modern apartment living room styling, decoration, sofa set & sheer curtain

For example, if you see the image, the bedroom follows a minimalistic scheme, which uses a white curtain fabric with thin blue stripes at the bottom. Now for the other image where we have a more luxurious & grand look, the velvet curtains are a stupendous choice.

For regular homes where furniture was not planned before keeping at its place, go for cotton or linen finish.

Cotton curtains merge into the regularly planned Indian homes very easily. They are easy to wash and maintain.

Now if you need the light to always come from the window while keeping your privacy safe. Select A sheer. Sheer is a translucent fabric which allows light inside the room but does not allow someone outside to see you. They also come in various colors and textures.

Sheer Fabric of https://www.purefinefabrics.com/ is Particularly very beautiful in particular. Their Patterns are impressive and elevate your home from just another home to that special home.

2. Pleats and Form

If we talk about looks because of the heaviness of curtain fabric, it’s different for all fabric finishes.

Velvet may have heavy and wider pleats while linen or cotton generally has narrower pleats. If your room windows are big, maybe high and wider, go for thicker fabrics for wider pleats whereas for regular Indian Apartments, selecting cotton makes sense.


Here is one selection I Like the Most


These are medium-thick fabrics that go easily with any Indian Home. So, You have plenty to choose from, sheers to lightweight cotton and medium weight to heavyweight velvets.

The amount of sunlight you want to stream into your space, but that can be dealt with by the curtain liners about which we will be talking later.

3. Colors

If you are a beginner in the world of design/ curtains or home styling, the safest way is to go for colors as your wall shades or your furniture because then you don’t draw much attention to them and it becomes a fragment of your wall or furniture.

Children's room center bed & room width study table with two yellow chairs

Alternatively, if you want the drapes to be the focus opt for a small motif design or pattern to suit your design.


My personal taste for curtains is going for a subtle color for rooms. The bolder the color is, there are higher the chances of error in the look and feel of the curtain for your home.

  • Avoid too much-patterned colors.
  • Samples are always a good bet.

4. Curtain Length and Width

“The more the better”, hanging curtains higher gives a sense of height to your space and creates a more royal look.

You can also add two or three inches more to the length, creating a puddle on the floor to enhance the dramatic look. (Why should palaces have all the fun wink). For a modern, crisp look, have the panel fall flush with the floor. Ideally, people like to hang it 6 inches above the window touching the floor.

Apartment living area : one Brick colored turquoise sofa sets, sheer curtains & dark blue carpet in the center of the room

5. Curtain liners

Now let’s talk about curtain liners which are an essential part of your drapes, which if not selected accordingly can steal the desired look and feel from the room. 

“A curtain liner is an extra layer of fabric added to the main fabric of the curtain to preserve the original color of the curtain.”

They act as insulation and keep homes warmer during the winter months, also make the curtains more durable and protect the outer fabric from sun damage.

There are two types of Lined curtains; first, are lined curtains about which we have already covered in the previous discussion. Second, are the Inter-Lined curtains which have an additional layer of blanket-like fabric sandwiched between the front face fabric and the lining. It makes the curtain look luxurious and drape elegantly.

Lined and interlined curtains absorb more sound, and provide greater insulation from cold and draughts, than curtains with just face fabric. Ever wondered what home interior designers do? They consider all these minute details while designing & make your home flawlessly gorgeous.

What to look for when buying curtain liners?

If looking for liners for home curtains, go for lines made of 100% cotton, polyester, or a combination of the two. Curtain liners are supposed to repel water, resist stains, and block the maximum amount of UV rays to enter the space.

Other factors to consider depending on where the curtains will be hung, as draperies in different rooms will have their own needs. While noise and light control might be your first priority in the bedrooms, you’ll need stain-resistant and easy-to-clean fabrics in the kitchen area, where spills and splatters are common.

Protection from ultraviolet lights will be important in rooms that receive full sunlight or for curtains that are made from light-sensitive materials.

6. Curtain Accessories

“Accessories make everything better.”

Don’t want to experiment too much with the curtain color, fabric, or texture? No worries. Go safe & use stylish Trims and accessories for curtains ex. tiebacks, tassels, curtain knobs, hold back, curtain rods & many more. These accessories add magnificence & uniqueness to your curtains & to the overall space.

On the other hand, for a heavily decorated room or gaudy curtain fabric like velvet & satin use simple or no decorative accessories to keep it classy & sophisticated.

  • Pleat and Track-

When deciding on window coverings, curtain fabrics themselves aren’t the only thing you’ll need to figure out. Depending on the windows, drapery fabric, your personal style and how you want the curtains to hang, you also need to select curtain headings that tell how the curtains are pleated and sewn at the top and rodding you want.

Inverted pleat beige curtain

  • Pinch pleat drapery– This one is an artistic pleating style. As the name suggests, curtain fabric folds  are pinched using pin hooks and attached together facing towards the room to create a stylish top section in the curtain. 

Image source – http://www.theshadestore.com

  • Inverse or Reverse Pleat–  The pleat is not visible and hidden at the back.  If you like deep folds in the curtain you should go for this one but keep one thing in mind that this style suits long & full length curtains mostly.

Image source – http://www.theshadestore.com

  • Eyelet drapery– The eyelet heading style is gaining in popularity for its contemporary look and low maintenance operation. The eyelets (metal-edged holes) run along the top of the curtain. The even spacing of the eyelets allows the curtain to hand in very loose, soft folds, creating a wave-like effect. A great if you’re opting for a bold pattern as it won’t be greatly interrupted by pleats.

Well, these are just a few common pleat styles you can choose from, for a quick curtain makeover. Now let’s go over some of the rodding options we have. Decorative poles and rings or grommet curtains are good choices for some windows, but there are situations where only traverse curtain rods will do.

Traverse rods have clips or eyes that move along a track embedded in a slot in the rod. The eyes have a small opening for the curtain pins and they’ll run evenly across the rod, with the number of eyes dependent on how long the rod is.

A cord runs through the rod, too, and is attached to a master slide or pulley. The cord extends beyond the rod so that you can use it to open and close the curtains.

If going with traditional curtain rods go for slim rods, they look better than the fat ones. You can look for rods close to 1”, usually rods more than 1” diameter look cheap.

Now when you have decided on the curtain style, size, fabric, print & accessories the question is from where to buy the best quality curtains? Don’t worry again! We won’t leave you puzzled at all. You can buy curtains online in India from DDecor website.

If you are in Pune or want to buy curtains in Pune we recommend the following furnishing stores. Here you’ll find a great collection, latest trends, quality material & is customer friendly.

We hope this article was helpful in selecting the right curtain for your home & wish your home a beautiful new vibe & a lot of positive compliments.

Conclusion :

Any selection is an art. Whether it’s about artifacts for your office of Curtains for your Home. These simple tips are actually observed, what we have seen while we go for curtain selection with our clients. As a layman, it’s extremely difficult to explore the field you are connected to in your daily life.

But these are sure shot success routes to take your home from just another home to that celebrate Home.


Poster with a quote and photo, Brick wall cladding in grey paint and world map painted over it, Ogling Inches Director posing against the wall

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