Beautiful Christmas Home Decor Ideas for the Perfect Holiday Vibe in 2020


Hurray!!The Holiday Season is finally here  (Winter too!!) meaning it’s time for everything red, green, gold & snowy. But before Santa slips down the chimney you need to decorate your home all dreamy & be ready for the festival fun because,

“Christmas isn’t a season. it’s a feeling.” & your home should have a positive, merry, vibrant & harmonious vibe.

Here we are sharing some doable & pretty Christmas home decoration ideas:

The Christmas Tree 

When we talk about Christmas Decor ‘Christmas tree’ has to be discussed first as it’s the star attraction & Christmas celebration can not be completed without one.

  • The base or the tree can be an artificial one & can be bought in different sizes. You can buy an artificial Christmas tree here. Also, you can go organic & with vibrant ornamentation turn a tree in your garden into THE Christmas tree to avoid the extra cost.
  • You can buy an artificial tree that is well ornamented (Or comes with the hanging ornaments) & ready to rock or pick a plain base tree & decorate it with family and friends. This process is fun-filled & exciting, especially for kids.
  •   Let’s come to the decoration process. Go vintage & stick to the festival’s theme with glitter bells, ribbons, red & golden garlands, shiny Christmas tree balls, star or reindeer shape hangings, fairy lights, wreath (Learn to make paper wreath) & tinsels.
  • You can also go DIY & not only decorate the tree but make the ornamentation yourself. All the kids of friends & family can have a fun time doing it. Learn to make easy & gorgeous tree ornamentation here. This is more sentimental, cost-effective & customizable.

Christmas tree with blue star hanging in focus

  • Arrange all the Christmas gifts around the tree & pack the gifts artistically. Learn some easy & intelligent Christmas gift wrapping ideas here.

Christmas gifts wrapped with pink paper & golden ribbons

Outdoor Decoration

  1. Keeping the beautiful Christmas tree in the yard is a great idea. It welcomes the guests & also gives the whole house a festive feel 🙂
  2. Put a letterbox & write ‘Letters to Santa’ on it. This will be a fun idea where all the kids can drop their wishes & demands from their favorite Santa Clause.

Red color santa mail box


  • Put a wreath not only on your front door but also on the front of your car. Go a little over the top! Yay!
  • Wrap & ornament the garden main gate & columns of your home with pine garlands.
  • And the most important – fairy lights; use these magical strings to make your space the winter wonderland which glows all night.

Christmas Home Indoor Decoration

  • Use a  black & red check print fabric & sew 2 -3 cushions ( Learn to make here) or buy the readymade ones & place them on the couch for the Christmas-y vibe.
  • Your table setting & arrangements can set the right tone for the holiday season. Use stunning centerpiece, Christmas theme table runners & napkins. Experiment a bit & use a little creativity to create an impressive table setting. Below are few fun Christmas Table Decoration ideas:

Christmas knife & spoon table setting

Christmas Table arrangement making santa with cutlery

Napkin Christmas tree shape folding tutorial

  • On a side table (At the entrance or living room) keep a tray & decorate it with one or two aroma candles, pinecones, a small snowman, Christmas metallic balls, ribbons & other festive theme items. Try to stick to the traditional red, green, white & golden theme of this beautiful festival while selecting decor items.

Pinecones painted in white

  • Wrap the staircase with big garlands in green & place ribbons & other small decorations here and there.
  • Place a snowman or Santa figurine on the TV unit along with string lights & pine garlands.
  • Welcome the holiday with a ‘Merry Christmas banner’ on the front door or on the living room sidewall.  The banner is available here.
  • Take a string & place your family pics, Christmas Santa socks & Santa caps with the help of clips & you can use this beautiful festive display in the kitchen, bedroom, or any other wall. You can also buy a Christmas Wallhanging instead of making it.
  • No decor is complete without balloons. Yes, Decorate your home with Christmas theme balloons. Not the regular ones, get some Christmas theme balloons from here.

May your home be filled with laughter, contentment &  harmony. We wish you Merry Christmas & a very happy new year 🙂 Team Ogling Inches Design Architect

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