Best 5 Bed Room Interior Design Trends Of 2020

best bed room design in 2020

Our home holds a special place in our heart, the bedroom happens to be the most favorite spot. The place where you finally unplug yourself from the world and find comfort after a long tiring day at work.

When planning to decorate or remodel your bedroom, you need to be cautious to create a room that says comfortable and trendy at the same time. In the past decades, the design field has seen many waves of new ideas such as subtle minimal designs, the revival of the strong bohemian scheme, involving edgy shape furniture designs.

All these ideas can really overwhelm your perspective. If you want the space to be updated with the design trends and still be personal, this blog is a one-stop destination for you.

Bright & Bold monochromatic

Gone are the days of subtle shades of grey & white and the trend for statement-making colors is in the market.

Designers are washing the room in hues of bold color palettes like cobalt blue, brick red, and forest green. This trend follows an alpha hue throughout the bedroom, even on the accessories such as your furnishing, nightstand, or even light fixtures. The goal is to blend everything together in one color, still giving importance to every object by creating a variation in their shades.

bedroom with balcony, dark wood finish poster bed with sheer curtains, wall hung dresser with round mirror, glossy tile flooring, false ceiling with cove light

The thought of a monochromatic color palette might seem to you as an over-designed space. But once you see the completed design, monochromatic color schemes can look eye-catchy and elegant. If you are looking for a low-key monochromatic color scheme, try to define your style on one particular type of object.

grey bedroom colour

Furnishing is a good way to start, keep the shade of all your furnishing in the closed shades possible. This will make the room feel more tied and present a uniform feel.

Involve Nature

It is always a good idea to bring some greenery into your bedroom. Decor and Artifacts are good at how they can turn the look of the whole house.

bed with floral print headboard, black pendant lamps on sides, wooden flooring, rubber plant and a wood chair, white and blue roman blind and a gold leaf painting on white wall

Greenery is something that brings calm and peace to space, something that faux plants fail to achieve. While making your space beautiful, these decors also have several health benefits. Indoor plants help to purify the air, and can even promote a better night’s sleep, once such plant is Snake plant.

Golden finish intricate back-lit screen fixed in niche with two hanging light planters fixed over ceiling.

Other plants like Areca palm is known to strengthen the nervous system. If you don’t want planters to occupy your floor space, introduce a plant ladder. This will help save a lot of space in your room and is a fun way to show off your plant collection.

Accessorize your nightstands with small succulent pots, then you won’t have to worry about watering them daily. Geometric wall planters can be used to create an accent wall in the bedroom, gives the space a trendy look. Get your simplistic room elegance with large monstera or palm leaf decor.

This trend of using a single or couple of large leaves for decor has gained much popularity in the last year.

Mixing the old and new

There has always been a fight over classic vs modern design, in the coming year we will be seeing a mix-match of both the periods.

Your bedroom doesn’t have to be a picture of exclusive aesthetics, showcasing items that have sentimental value is what makes a space unique. Bedrooms should be the most comforting and intimate space of the house, thus adding nostalgia is great advice.

Bedroom with wooden flooring and upholstered bed with texture back wall, white side table on both sides with hanging light.

Bring this into your bedroom by incorporating new furnishings and a modern design rug with your favorite items that you may have collected in the past years. Accessories with souvenirs from holidays, artwork by your loved one, or a piece of old designer furniture to create a sense of nostalgia.

Blending inherited pieces with modern design and creating a balance in the room can be a bit of a challenge in itself.

Luxury Rooms

Bedrooms are typically an escape from the outside world and unlike a hotel room, this space should be a reflection of your taste and design style.

Bedroom with glossy wooded poster bed and sheer curtains on it, leatherite headboard and wood finish back paneling, white walls, and Beige fabric roman blinds

Wishing for a room that’s luxurious and multi-functional like a hotel room, but still feels intimate is not that difficult. The first step is to find out the activities you’ll be doing there, aside from sleeping. Create different zones for sleeping, working, relaxing, and grooming.

Bedroom design with multi colored wardrobe with upholstered bed with wooden side table and hanging light and floral wallpaper.

Hotel rooms feel comfortable because of the insulated surfaces, install a good carpet pad or add a large upholstered headboard. These things will help bring warmth to space. To make the room more functional, focus on the lighting layout of the room. Install cabinet lights for your wardrobe and dressing area, two-way switches for ceiling fans, and general lighting.

Getting ample natural light in the room is important, opt for a two-layer drapery system when selecting your shades. The furnishing of your room plays a major part in developing the ambiance of the space. Use a cotton-linen fabric sheer curtain and a satin or velvet fabric blackout curtain.

Wall to wall deck bed with a leather backrest in brown leatherite, metal bed poster in yellow paint with sheer fabrics, blue texture painted wall and a bean bag with a soft toy.

The walls of the room can be dressed up with a nice fabric finish wallpaper or have a solid earthy tone paint shade.

Statement pieces

A decorative piece or an artwork can really take the space to a whole another level. Every room deserves to have a special statement piece, that becomes the room’s focal point and steals the show.

Bedroom with king-size bed, tufted headboard, and dresser with round edge mirror, chandelier at the corner, pattern fabric blinds over the window and mirror shutter wardrobe

To have the jaw-drop effect on your guest, incorporate unusual shapes and textures even in your fixed furniture. Make the statement with a stylish eye-catchy chandelier in the center of the room. Edgy light fixtures not only make solid impacts on the guests but also makes the room more inviting and luxurious. Take a step back and see if the picture that is forming in front of you is what you wanted. Sometimes in the effort of trying to make things more impactful, we end up creating chaos.

You can also involve antique furniture pieces to initiate the wow factor. There are just so many things in the bedroom that have the capability to be functional and statement worthy.

You just need to add drama, consider an oversized mirror with interesting edge detail. Or a vibrant area rug in a minimal design bedroom will be just enough to make the space look eclectic.

Conclusion :

We hope the ideas shortlisted and detailed out especially for you will be helpful to get the best out of your efforts.

Please let us know what else you like or what have you done to make your house beautiful. And which kind of design works best for you.

We would be glad to receive your comments.

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