Best 5 Temple Design Ideas for 2020

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While most of us have ample space to dedicate an entire room for Pooja, many of us are forced to strict the spaces to a small niche. In India, most of the houses have temple setups. With a vast variety of materials in the market, it is very easy to create a distinguished and rich-looking mandir unit.

For a perfect pooja space, it is essential that all the elements are arranged in a specific manner. Additionally, the color palette of the room has a major effect on the vibe, that the room presents. A mandir space should bring a tranquil ambiance that is ideal for prayer and meditation.

Today, these blogs bring the top 5 trends for temple design that will seek popularity in the year 2020.

Laser-cut panels

Every room in the house needs a special setup of lighting. For temple or pooja rooms, the light placement should such that it does not fall directly on the idols. Laser-cut panel with Indian motif and light coming out of the cuttings creates a very pleasing ambiance.

mandir grill

There is a vast variety of materials available, varying from low to high range. Materials such as MDF jaalis, Corian, and Marble backlit panel can be used to create the look.

Select the one that best suits the overall design of the space. If you are opting for a wood finish, pair them with MDF jaali painted in a white or ivory shade. The light shade jaali will balance the prominent wood finishes and enhance its look.

Corian panels with custom laser cut designs can be used to create a very subtle minimal looking mandir area. Corian’s versatility can be used to create arches or organic shapes, to get a more pleasing look.

laser cut mandir interior design

Marble, the material has some magical properties. It can so effortlessly elevate the whole look of the space.

Marble units

Being able to use natural stones in interior design is always a blessing. Among all the natural stones available to the designers, marble is the cleanest looking and elegant choice.

A marble unit temple unit will bring richness to space and also gives a soothing effect. Install a marble back panel to give your idols clean looking background and promote energy flow.

Whether opting for a readymade unit or getting yourself a customized one, this material is an ideal choice for the mandir unit.

4.5 Feet White Marble Temple Manufacturer in Rajasthan India by ...

The stone is super easy to maintain and lasts for a lifetime. If you are customizing a marble unit, pay attention to the details.

Indoor White Marble Radha Krishna Temple

You can add intricately carved details on the edges and back wall. To enhance the look of the room, follow the marble on the walls of the room, creating sleek panels.

Niche designs

With the reducing carpet area of apartments these days, finding a good spot for your temple can be challenging. Niche mandir setups are most famous in apartments and small flat.

But the area of the space should not compromise on the overall design. You can use MDF jaali to create a division between space and light shade materials to reflect as much light possible. Small drawer cabinet mounted on the wall, paired with an Indian motif wallpaper, accessories by brass bells is our favorite design for an elegance temple unit.

File:Suswani Mata Mandir Morkhana 4.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Vaastu shastra suggests that one should avoid storing items above the mandir cabinet. Such voids are very common in niche setups, our advice is to leave the space open, other than turning it into a cabinet. You can hang bells at various height, or add layers of MDF jaali, filtering light through the cutouts.

For such a small space look for something elegant that fits right into space and drives positivity into your family.

Wooden units

What does a wooden mandir unit, bring to your vision? Traditional right? Well, not all wooden units have to look traditional if not opted for. A wooden finish mandir design looks evocative of design and heritage because of rich wooden color and interesting grain patterns.

File:Ekamra Heritage Walk Mukteswar Temple Bhubaneswar2.jpg ...

If you want a traditional looking design, install a carved wood panel, pair it up with metal Diya stands and bells to complete the look. Carefully designed mandir units can effortlessly inspire wow-factors in the pooja room. If you want the look of wood but with a more economical range, plywood units are the answer.

Custom plywood units, work great for niche setups. You can use the space to build drawer units or shutter cabinets, with a glass top. Amp it up with MDF jaali and brass decors, don’t forget to add lights in the panels to get a more auspicious look.

Open Mandir units

When you can design sophisticated mandir units, why hide them behind shutters. Pooja rooms in Indian houses see a combination of traditional and contemporary aesthetics. From wall mount cabinets to standalone units, there are many ways to set up your temple.

Open pooja units are among the trending styles of Temple design. You can choose a bold color such as Saffron or Red for the backdrop and a concrete finish panel in the center. Accessorize it with wall mounted shelves and small drawer units. Voila, you have a statement-making temple setup, that’s trendy and functional.

Sarada Mandir Inauguration Narendrapur Sep 2018 N069 | Flickr

If you worried about privacy, we suggest you install a glass screen, to separate the common area from your pooja corner.

You can also opt for a foldable screen that can be used as per requirement.

Conclusion :

We hope the ideas shortlisted and detailed out especially for you will be helpful to get the best out of your efforts.

Please let us know what else you like or what have you done to make your house beautiful. And which kind of temple design works best for you.

We would be glad to receive your comments.

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