By: Prashant Kulshreshtha

Can a 2 BHK Apartment be Decorated within a Budget of 2 Lakh in Pune?

Home Decor

Hey Yes, why not,

Ogling Inches has experience of designing and decorating well balanced interior design themed apartment.

Being one of the top interior designers and architects Ogling inches has come up with few handy decorating ideas for pocket-friendly projects.

As we are talking about only decoration here is the breakup of what interior design elements you will need and for how much design budget

Painting Your Apartment

Plastic ceiling and lustre wall paint – 60000/-

Select Interesting solid wall colours (viz. moccasin yellow, turquoise, or amethyst etc. with the base colour (viz. light beige, light grey, creme etc. )

(Here we used forest Green as wall highlighting colour, and creme for the rest of the walls)

Total Cost

cost of Decoration – 146000/-. Being on a strict budget and making it lively and exquisite, just use these tips and impress people. Still, in case you find any difficulty or have any doubts, we would be happy to help you. You can contact us through this link.

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