Decorative Living Room Interior Color Ideas

ocean blue wall colour

Selecting the right interior paint colors for your home can be one of the most exhausting and confusing jobs, well of course after the furnishing. The living room is one of the busiest rooms in the house and should feel welcoming and relaxing at all times.

Finalizing one color from the vast choices of colors can be a little overwhelming, so here is our small blog on interior house paint colors to ease up your work. The foremost important thing to do is, deciding how the room should feel. The feel of the room is majorly dependent on its color palette.

Even a large spacious room can feel dull and cramped because of a poorly chosen home design color. If you want the room to feel vibrant and refreshing, opt for cooler tones of the palette such as blues and greens.

Now if you want the living room to feel more cozy and comfortable, go for warmer color tones such as coral, amber, red.

Some Decorative living room color list mentioned below :

Ocean blue

Any shade of blue gives the room a calming vibe and makes it feel lighter and airier. It is one of the easiest colors to pull off a great looking living space.

You can combine them with white, cream, or brown and they’ll give out a stylish looking living room. The variety of options available in blue shades might confuse you a bit but no matter the shade, the blue color palette will have a stabilizing effect on your home.

Ocean blue is one of the most preferred home design colors of the interior designer in Pune. Living rooms with ocean blue wall paint make a bold statement and makes you feel like you are on an island escape. You can add pop-up colors like yellow or hot pink to balance the effect of blue walls.

ocean blue wall colour

jotun paint blue with chair and consol

The above shade is by Jotun Paints

Shades of green

Green is a nature’s color, it brings energy and harmony to space. From the vast interior paint colors, green is an excellent choice for the living room.

dulux paint wall colour 2020 (1)


dulux paint wall colour 2020 (1)

There are many ways to introduce green into your space, for example, you can always paint your walls green but if you are that kinda person who needs white walls, you can add a variety of indoor plants, to bring in some green.

Green color brings a splash of freshness to space, they can be both bold and soft depending on their selected shades. Mint green, sage, and pistachio are some of the subtle shades of green. It gives the room a minimalist approach and makes the room appear spacious.

Forest green, army green, and teal are however the darker shades in green they make the room look more luxurious and presentable.

The above color is by Dulux Paints.

Shades of White

A stark white room is totally timeless, but the task of choosing the perfect white can be a nightmare.

Is it simply white, pure white, or off white that will look good in your color palette? Interior designers in Pune recommend to prepare swatches before finalizing your color, it gives a more clear idea of how the actual color will tun up after finishing. A single color can look different in different lights, thus, when selecting a shade of white, it is important to consider the natural light coming in your space.

berger paint white wall interior living room design



berger paint white wall interior living room design

A very sharp white in the room will make it look stark and blunt. It is preferred to have a blue tinge in white to balance off the warm tones of sunlight. Cool-toned white makes the room feel chilly and crisp, look for something that has a touch of gray to soothe the effect of color in the space.

If you want the furniture pieces to be to a focal point and do not want to attract any attention to the walls, go for neutral whites. Neutral white showcases a crisp environment but also adds depth to space. Many whites turn to look cream if used in a glossy finish, so if opting for glossy wall paints, neutral white is the safest bet.

A shade you call black

Black is both modest and arrogant at the same time amongst the interior paint colors. It is among the top home decor color trend for a living room after gray.

It can instantly elevate any space and make the room feel eternally fashionable. Adding black in your living room color palette is surely a good decision but you need to keep in check the amount of color you invite to the space.

Too much dark shade can kill the light coming in the space and can make it look dull and insignificant. The best way to balance black is to combine it with neutral textures such as sofa cushions, area rugs, or large canvas paintings. Well, many Indian families associate black with negativity and try to avoid them overall. But if you want to add black in your living room and do not want to commit to too much to it, a smart option is to go for the ceiling.

asian paint black colour door asian paint black colour dining area

The darker ceiling makes the room feel more intimidating and creates a cozy comfortable environment.


Somewhere between gray and cream, there is a color we call, Greige. If you want a warm feel living room but cannot decide between gray and cream, there are a ton of greige shades you need to check out.

It is one of the simplest color schemes to follow as it throws no surprise it the eyes and can make the room look magnificent. The warmer undertones in the shade make the room look spacious and it can easily blend in with every other home design color. If you want the room to look more crisp and stark, select a shade that has more of a gray tone in it.

Greige wall paint shade

What makes the room feel more inviting and bright, is how it complements the bolder accent colors. You can simply ornament the space with modern artwork, jute rug, and classic furniture pieces for a greige color scheme living room to look splendid.


Gray is the color of all theory, it makes the room look serene and elegant. It has the power to experiment with pops of color and still look sophisticated enough. It is one of the most popular interior paint color choices for every room in the house.

gray wall paint shade

It provides a nice backdrop for your funky decor, textured upholstery, and furniture pieces. A light shade of gray makes the living room look sumptuous and less stark as opposed to typical white. Whereas a darker shade can make a look more dramatic and luxurious. If paired with colorful tone fabrics, it can cheer up space. Gray is a subtle color that looks brilliant in both formal set-up and a more relaxed arrangement because of it’s endless versatility. Selecting from these vast shades of gray can be a bit daunting task. So we have a few of our favorite shades from the home decor color trend and can make any space look spectacular. Silver-gray 0615, Shadow dance 8303, Steel 6412, Deep Mine 8246 – Asian Paints India catalog.

A pinch of purple

Well, I’m sure this is not what you might have expected, but I think this shade has long-overdue attention in the home design color. It is one of the best shade to immediately liven up your space, you can either go for a hardcore lilac color scheme living room or just add a touch in your upholstery or decor.

The shades lilac and lavender are versatile and easy to add to your space, even adding them to a contemporary color palette will work wonderfully with clean furniture and simple decor pieces. The secret to introducing this hue in your color palette is to focus on its blue undertones, this color can be substituted with blue at many places.

purple shade study room

A tried and tested method of Interior designer in Pune, is to wash your living room walls in a pastel lavender, instead of painting them in typical white. This adds the color in the space but since it spreads around the whole space, it will not become a focal point and will perfectly blend in with the aura.

Red for the bold

There is no color bolder than red, the shade symbolizes confidence and power. Even a small section of red in the space will make a bold passionate statement.

Although if not used in the right way it can sometimes engulf the room in its hue. The safest bet is to go for richer shades of red such as crimson red, brick red, or terracotta red, these shades won’t make your space look like a fire station or a pizza hut outlet. Red is again from the warmer section of the interior paint color palette, it makes the room feel comfortable enough to have deep conversions and formal enough for your office parties.

red living room interior

The shade is in the top home decor color trends. Using the right shades can make a living room look eclectic and will drive the guest’s interest in the space. Pair your red with some royal blue, green, or orange to make a strong statement, it doesn’t always need to be a neutral shade.

The role of the color scheme in bringing out a great design is very important. Randomly selecting any color of the shade card can end up looking harsh, if not giving a proper thought. We hope our blog on interior house paint colors will help you in making the right decision. Still, if you are not sure about which color scheme to choose, go for the neutrals, they are tried and tested and cannot go wrong. You can rock any space with a neutral scheme color palette.

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Conclusion :

All colors are related to the psychology of humans and have different effects and look. We suggest you select any of these based upon your taste and home styling.

Bright colors are generally used as the top layer and dull or warn tones as the base. But yes, experimenting is fun.

Wish you a happy design.

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