Design Build Services

Ogling Inches has been named as the best Interior contractor in Pune giving end to and solutions to its clients.


Right from concept to handover Ogling Inches is named for its professionalism, perfection and design build service.

Benefits of Design Build Services

  • Seamless Process – No conflicting recommendations or discrepancies from contractors.
  • Rapid Delivery.  With Ogling Inches, architectural design and construction happen concurrently, which speeds up schedules.
  • Better Communication. communication among all parties will be easier and happen more frequently.
  • Better Solutions and Value. With our design build teams, there is no limit to the solutions and ideas that come to fruition.
  • Cost Savings. The efficiency of design build can greatly reduce construction costs versus if an owner had chosen separate design and construction entities.Diagram depicting the design & execution process with client
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Design Build

We design, we build for you. End to End.

We Design and We build for you..

Stages of the Design Build Process

  1. Pre-Construction Assessments – Design Brief/ Concept discussion
  2. Architectural Design – Detailed design, construction document sign off
  3. Construction – Setting up project to full swing on site execution
  4. Post Construction – Project walk through, briefing over working of different elements.

“Ogling Inches Is The only Architects In Pune, Who Is Creating Smart Sheets To Maintain Project Design, Finances, Execution and Timeline A Cakewalk for Clients.”

Ogling Inches loves serving its clients end to end interior design solutions In India.  Its has experiance of executing interior design and Architecture projects in Rajasthan, Bangalore, Mumbai, Madhya Pradesh and Delhi. Its team of experienced and well known sub contractors has creative hands in developing anything which is required to reach the edge of the perfection. 

Weather its a turkey contract for Home design, showroom design, or office design, Ogling inches has perfected the way of conceptualizing to handing over without compromising the quality anywhere. 

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