What are Ogling Inches’ Services offered?


Ogling inches is in the list of top 10 Interior designers of Pune. It has mastered the art of assembling best looking ideas and approaches for any given project to the most difficult designs.


With our team of architects, graphic designers, landscape consultants, we offer a wide array of project architecture design consultancy in India with as detailed design as specification of screws to be used. We have been in the list of top 10 architects of Pune.


Ogling inches offer its work with guarantee! As simple as ‘offsite’ execution and onsite fixing. Being in the interior design and architecture practice since years we have developed a very lean and clean project execution strategies, which involves a lot of automation over the project. Making it easiest for our clients to be comfortable while project is being done. Ogling Inches has been the few of the most honest companies in this field. Weather its a luxury design project or a budget home, Ogling Inches’ projects can be seen as unique, which no other contractor can do in the given budget.

What project fees is charged by Ogling Inches?

We work on fixed project fees, unlike % or square feet area based. With our experience we believe, fixed fees is best suited for clients, where discrepancy over project budget or area doesn’t happen. At the time of Agreement after initial discussion with the client, we calculate the optimum fees depending upon the project requirements which are divided further into multiple stages based on the project timeline and activities.

Client can select the highest quality materials, design and ideas for their space, as per their own budget, without benefiting us. We are totally transparent in our work.

Which are the cities Ogling Inches Designs currently operates in?

We are currently operational prominently in Pune. We have also provided services to a few other cities including Mumbai, Satara, Kishangarh, Shimla, Agra and aims to spread its services all across India.

How do I contact Ogling Inches?

We are no Hierarchy studio. Once you send us an email through the contact form or direct to [email protected] Mr. Prashant Kulshreshtha would call you to discuss the requirements and project details. Client is free to discuss all the doubts they face over their project.

When could I see my first design draft?

With our first discussion, we share our design proposal, estimate and agreement, if you feel good and everything works well, ogling inches and the client can sign an agreement and can initiate the design process of your place.

Our design are well thought and unique hence any of the design stages takes at least three days to move to next.


“Ogling Inches Is The Only Interior Designer In Pune Using Smart Sheets To Maintain Project Design, Finances, and Timeline A Cakewalk for Clients.”



What could be my project cost?

Project cost is the total of material, labour, consultants, item and activity fee. That is total of payment released by the client during the project work.

Project budget depends majorly on material selected, labour, activities or project timeline. We suggest our clients to be transparent about their requirements from the beginning. We never lets your project budget escalate if you do not change the requirements later.

We divide the Residential projects into the following categories.

Economical Projects (Majorly Laminates are used for external finishes with basic hardware/ material of one year warranty.)

  • 2BHK : 10 – 13 Lacs
  • 3BHK: 13 – 18 Lacs
  • 4BHK: 18 – 22 Lacs

Mid Range Projects ( Combination of Laminate, veneer, stones and glass are used as finished material with good quality hardwares/ material of one year Warranty)

  • 2BHK : 13 – 18 Lacs
  • 3BHK: 18 – 23 Lacs
  • 4BHK: 23 – 28 Lacs

Luxury Projects ( Highest Grade Material viz. veneer, stones, mosaics, glass, Coren are used as finished material with Best quality hardwares/ material of 15 year Warranty)

  • 2BHK: 18 – 25 Lacs
  • 3BHK: 23 – 45 Lacs
  • 4 BHK: 28 – 50 Lacs

How do I ensure the price & quality of Materials?

We has been serving clients for 10 years and has expertise in its field. We ensure quality of each and every item being brought to our sites. Additionally, client is free to purchase the materials or hire the labour on its own condition.

What if I want to cancel the project?

If you plan to cancel the project work, Ogling inches would return the full balance amount against the activity for which order/ work has not been done. Ogling inches would calculate the balance and amount can be issued in the form of a cheque.  

What is the warranty given on work done?

For residential interior design projects under turnkey basis ogling inches can give its clients a no term warranty of 20 years.

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