Holy Nails, Baner

Holy studio with red ceiling and recessed lights installed in a series, a mirror display with nail bottles, a girl sitting on the waiting sofa, wall cabinet with arch embossing

Year: 2019

Budget: Undisclosed

A Colourful Nail Salon at Baner in Pune with foot spa and Great Reviews

“Who better than Legorreta to get an inspiration from, for a space that majorly deals in colours?”

With a dauntless red ceiling and distinctive furniture designs, the space’s interiors are intended to create a curiosity to the passers-by. Completed In a restricted timeline and budget, the floor layout was strived to give the maximum circulation space for divergent salon activities.

Memphis inspired wallpaper at the entry is a melange of complex geometry and colour. Embracing it is the vibrant mesh frame on the adjacent wall exhibiting the salon’s art work, pinned with cute little wood pins.

Talking about the functionality of the space, customers for pedicures are pampered in blue armchairs raised on a platform, within a bright space. Whilst for manicure we have exclusively designed stations with arched metal frames that suspends cylindrical brass lamps for detailed nail design process. Curvilinear beige sofa comforting the waiting customers, with a view of the overall space. Indulges them to glore at the enticing wall art and decor.

“Well!  The customers of the space are going to have an utterly different experience at the spa. This project brings an evolution to designs of nail parlour.”