How to select Home Decor Like an Interior Designer

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So we are talking about How to select Home Accessories Like an Interior Designer as we are receiving a lot of queries from Homeowners. Why do we need accessories? It’s the soul of any house. That’s what I learned from one of the Masters of Design, In a philosophical way.wall with paintings with brown leather chair and white table in white space with green plants

It reflects your personality and taste. The right Home accessory completes any room’s look while adding style and finesse to your space. Designers know the influence of adding small artifacts, throw pillows to space, and know how to use them wisely.

These small items can overtake home if not decorated carefully.

These small tips on selecting, combing, and arranging the accessories can help you pull out your home like a pro.

‘How to’ Select Home Decor Step By Step

Select the areas to be decorated.

Firstly, you need to decide, which areas need my emphasis and which areas need to be kept subtly. You might have a dry balcony which you may like to touch as of now, just move on.

kids room decor

There might be areas for which you might be ok to put only a photo frame and a small planter.

Select the areas which need special attention and start with those. Your living room might be your most visited area by an outsider after the main entrance door. Shortlist the areas which need decor based upon your priority. You can also search for pinterest to look for ideas.

Select the color scheme to match the Home 

Decor should definitely depend upon your taste and liking but it should also depend upon the color scheme of the material palette of the rooms and house.

To understand more about material pallete you can read our article here.

bed room decor with planter and wooden bed

Now, there might be two schemes, one you may go along the same colors as per your current house scheme, or else you may go for contrast.

For scheme one, If your TV wall is hunter green, you may like to add a flower vase in yellow.  (because yellow looks great with Hunter green). If your house color scheme is white or grey, mostly any color or texture of the decor item may work.

Decide your budget

There are millions and millions of home decor items that are available in the country. Even a single sculpture you could find at 50 rupees or 50 lakh. It will totally depend upon what you like and what you don’t, but keeping a budget of 25000/- rupees per room is usually ok for Indian homes.

home decor india pune

The budget also depends upon how original piece you are buying from the market. For example, If the work is the first copy of SCALA DEL PALAZZO ROSA 14CM ASHTRAY made by some Chinese company, you can find it at one fourth the price. (We don’t appreciate or suggest buying a copy of work though).

Decide how comfortable you are with the selection of home decor items. Be Realistic. Don’t go overboard at this stage. If you like any piece you can surely buy it later even if your budget is tight at the moment.

Go for a stroll

Now as you clarify what you are looking for, start with the nearest decor store. You can search google maps for this. Google maps usually have a pic of the place and it might be helpful to look at those before investing your time at the store.

Look online

There are Indian cities, where Home decor might not be easily available. Even in Metropolitan cities like Pune we usually don’t get what we exactly are looking for. In such a case we look online and order.

These days companies are very professional. (everyone wants a business boss)

Every time we receive an order, it comes in a perfectly packed box and in perfect condition.

Here is an exhaustive list of decor item selling websites that might interest you.

Alas! How to Plan Your Home Decor Items


Whether decorating with flowers, photos, or candlesticks, layer the elements to create depth. Add in small lamps, mirrors, or metallic items throughout the display for a hint of glam.

decor selection


Keep it simple. Select one metallic or color you love and group a variety of accessories in that finish for an impressive display. Make sure to use different shapes and sizes to maximize visual interest. Scour your home for accessories you already own to create a collection for free.

decor colour scheme


Before choosing and/or placing accessories, take the time to study scale and proportion and what fits best in your space. Scale and proportion are what help create a comfortable home and don’t cost a dime.


Instead of trying to arrange everything in symmetry, it’s better to find a balance. Try to arrange things in small groups of odd numbers for maximum impact.

Below are listed a very small sampling of home decor items that you can choose from to accessorize and enhance your home. Remember to mix colors, layers, and textures by choosing pieces of varying heights, widths, and styles. For additional contrast, mix vintage items in with new.

1. Lighting such as Floor lamp, Desk lamps –

Replace harsh, bright light bulbs with soft, low-wattage bulbs. Lampshades are also easy to change alongside the decor of the room, so consider a large, stylish lampshade for a statement piece, or a smaller, subtle one for a minimalist look.

Dining area with white glass table top with white metal legs and upholstered chairs with grey runner and fruit bowl. Metal pendant light in corner with white ceiling fan and white planter pot

2. Books and magazines-

Shelves are great for displaying and organizing books, trinkets, and accessories. Arrange all the necessary items on the shelving first, and then scatter a few decor pieces such as photos, small pot plants, or small artwork where you find room.

books home decor

3.  Add natural elements-

Bringing natural elements such as plants, seashells, twigs, and cones will add color, warmth, and life to the room. For an empty corner or a wasted space, add a small cluster of potted plants of contrasting shapes, colors and sizes. Plants will also help to add shape and personalization to a bedroom.

natural elements home decor

4.  Mirrors, Arts and Photos-

Art can help to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere in the room. Stick to art that pleases you, complements the room, and avoids harsh colors that aren’t calming. If you want to hang several photos or pieces of art, create a gallery wall by clustering them on the same wall. When arranging multiple hanging art pieces on the wall, trace each piece onto paper first. Then you cut out each tracing, label it, and can stick it to the wall to try out every arrangement at ease.

mirrors in decor

5.  Pillows, Cushions, and Throws-

Fluffy materials or faux fur add depth, warmth, and texture to bedrooms. Pillows or a throw added to the bed or a comfortable chair will make it much cozier and will have a luscious appearance. Lighter colors, such as whites and creams, for pillows and throws, go with a wider variety of color schemes. Darker tones for these accessories have a warmer, more wintery feel.

pillow decor

Conclusion :

Read what I saying here, YES! That’s what you wish to hear from your clients once you start your OWN Practice.

Don’t worry too much about jumping in, Just Jump in the sea of Design, you will quickly learn to swim.

Poster with a quote and photo, Brick wall cladding in grey paint and world map painted over it, Ogling Inches Director posing against the wall

If you have any questions, just comment Below…We may add your questions too

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