Important Tips For A Beautiful Kitchen

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The kitchen is the most essential, crucial, and imperative space of any house. Though it is directly not visible at first sight, right when one enters the house, a kitchen completes the house in every aspect.

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Designing the kitchen in a usable, operational, and innovative way makes it look beautiful.

Each reputed interior designing firm puts in extra effort and intelligence in designing or modeling the kitchen.

Utilizing every corner to the best of its capacities and making every square foot functional is the key mantra in executing the best design plans.

In a kitchen, all the things should be in the proper place to assure the smooth functioning of daily work and to make things easily reachable while cooking. Be it a spacious, small, or very narrow kitchen space, every interior designer has the expertise of designing it smartly and innovatively which makes it look well-organized, decluttered, and tidy.

While designing any kitchen, one needs to study the plan with minute detail and precision. Planning and designing and re-planning help to understand space management and placement concepts.

Every designer should also keep some provisions or extra space for future purchases. If the house owner wishes to buy new appliances in the future, there must be space to fit that in. All these need to be planned during the layout designing phase.

Here are a few important tips that every designer should follow while planning and smartly designing the kitchen.

One of the highlights of kitchen design tips 2020 is the concept of the working triangle. kitchen working traingles

This is a concept of design that revolves around the fact that the gas or hob, sink, and refrigerator should be placed in the right place, easily reachable.

Indian cooking recipes demand the usage of a lot of spices and oil in the kitchen. So, while designing the kitchen, the color of tiles and paints needs to be chosen carefully as very light shade may get dirty with splashes of oil, dirt, and spices.

If anyone wants to make the kitchen look airy then fitting vibrant color counters and cabinets should be the preferred option.

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A combination of shades of yellow and white are finest for reflecting sunlight to every corner of the kitchen.

If anyone is planning for a kitchen that requires low or zero maintenance then choosing an all-black theme is highly endorsed. To complement the entire look and feel, one can also opt for black appliances.

To make the cabinets look shiny and dirt-free, one must use polished wood. This helps the cabinets to stay water-resistant and last long. One also requires adequate spacing as a lot of kitchen appliances are used every day. From microwave oven to mixer grinder, from dishwasher to air fryer; everything needs to be fitted there. So, space management and allocation are two of the important kitchen design tips styleDepending on the family size and space available, the designer must pay important attention in deciding the size of the kitchen sink. If the household has a big family, then it is prudent to go for a spacious sink.

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If there is a detached service area in the kitchen, then it is recommended to have two sinks; one for dry or unused utensils and one for washing.

This would simplify the flow of washing utensils. It is vital to have a drainboard to avoid leakage of dirty water to the cabinets placed below the sink.

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If someone is looking for some sort of privacy between the open kitchen and the living and dining room then placing an artistic and trendy looking glass panel solves the purpose.

The panel works as a partition between the two spaces. One can use the color, matching the surrounding.

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If there is a corner or angular space available for the kitchen, one must utilize it to the best of its capacities. For that matter, if there is a corner available, angular design is ideal for a kitchen set up.

One can occupy the two main walls of the kitchen with counters to enjoy spacious preparation areas. Moreover, one should always plan to build cabinets in the corner as the spaces are usually unnoticed and wasted.

This one of the key small kitchen design tips. These corners are best for the storage of trivial utility items like soaps and detergents, napkins, and tissues.

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The kitchen organization is very important and spaces for a systematic organization should be planned accordingly. Be it cutlery and crockery, spices, and plates; spaces for organizing all these should be made either on countertops or at the corners. If the owner is placing shelves for storing, don’t make them appear messy. One should arrange the mugs and bowls as per color and size so that everything looks interconnected and coordinated.

Go Green is the mantra nowadays for every space then why not the kitchen? Even if it’s a small kitchen, indoor plants make it look bright and vibrant and stand as one of the most popular kitchen ideas.

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If there is adequate light, place a pot either on the top of a fridge or on the countertop.

To give the kitchen some character, one should go ahead and use patterns in an unanticipated place like cabinet interiors. Moreover, detachable wallpaper makes the installation process comparatively hassle-free and one can always peel it off when looking for a new look.

In most of the kitchens, the RO water which is filtered out gets wasted. One of the smartest and environmentally sustainable ways of designing a kitchen is to utilize that water for other purposes like watering the plants or washing clothes.

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Every reputed interior designer thinks through such ecologically sustainable ideas.

Lighting is a very important aspect of any kitchen design. Be it a small or a spacious kitchen, lighting completes its beauty.

Every designer works on three aspects of lighting in a kitchen; task lighting, ambient lighting, and generic lighting. General lighting in the center of the kitchen can be installed as sunken cans or similar to sober chandeliers over the islands. Lighting sets the mood right and enhances the artistic quotient of the kitchen space.

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Conclusion :

Decorating and planning is an art and needs a lot of practice just like any other field.

Keep experimenting and keep doing awesome stuff.

Wish you luck

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