Masemari Chinjabi, Bavdhan

Restaurant interior with yellow and brown colors with sofa seating on one side and chair sofa on other side. Wooden screen for partition and ceiling patterns in metal.

Year: 2014

Budget: 1.8 CR

A Fine Dine Restaurant In Pune With An Awesome Ambiance planning


Through the reconstruction and redesign of the facade, there was a welcoming and functional fine dine restaurant created. In order to bring more attention to the inside, the existing outdoor area has been redesigned with exposed brick and stone-filled walls on either side.

The central stone finish stairs approach to the main entrance of the restaurant.

This way these facades create a grand welcoming entrance. The white canopy over entrance is supported by a metal structure connecting to the main building. The entrance facing the street increases visibility between public space and restaurants, which has an inviting and exhilarant effect on public life. The generous glass facade with the screen creates a stunning effect during evening and night.

The entrance takes us through the led lit staircase to the fine dine restaurant. The interior is mostly in monotone with a combination of yellow and brown. As the restaurant name suggests, the brand is famous for its fish delicacies. The plan is divided into different seating areas and zones connected well to each other. To give the whole look a traditional yet contemporary touch, a combination of different materials has been used. The screen partitions created visual barriers between areas. The screen design can be seen repeated over other surfaces as well to create a sense of unity.

Comfortable seating with sofa and chairs are arranged in plan in different combinations. The huge fixed glass windows have stone decked seating, which also provides ample natural light and a beautiful outdoor view. The uniqueness of different areas is revealed as we enter the space. Organic shape forms in the ceiling which illuminates in light adorn the ceiling in the family seating area. The textured wall has multiple wall decor hanging in monotone yellow color.

The textured reception cum bar counter is shaped in the curve and works as a focus point in the area. A fish skeleton sculpture is fixed over the wall reflecting the brand specialty. Overall flooring is done in dark stone flooring. 

The atmosphere of the restaurant is enchanting, with its open entrance and folded interior in layers, explodes in a blaze of color, large sofas, and leather armchairs in light, dark brown and yellow shades, to greet visitors in search of a gastronomic experience fused to Indian culinary tradition.