Mayekar Apartment

Living room with blue sofa and nested center table with colorful carpet and a couple. Two shelf on wall for decor and white dining counter top with screen and a kid

Year: 2019

Budget: 35 Lakh

A 1800 SF 3 BHK Apartment Interior Design In Pune, a renovation project with marble floor and exclusive veneer wood finish.   

This space is an image, a metaphor for a mental outlook change. A shift from the noise and speed of everyday life to a clean and logical being. Simple, yet complete.

The wooden entry door with large circular handle creates a striking contrast with white texture surface over the side wall. The living room is adorned with an arched ceiling with minimal use of color. the furniture adds up color in the space. This 3 BHK Apartment Interior Design In Pune was designed in such a way that contrasted with details and contemporary accents, seeking to generate a harmonious and integral composition.

The kitchen was designed to allow eye contact with the entire living room, with a counter semi covered by a screen: the screen creates a setting of the kitchen without closing it. 

The flooring and dry room were fully redone and the kitchen was integrated into the living room, creating a fluid space that is spacious and welcoming. Originally the kitchen was compact which was converted into an open kitchen with more space and dining adjacent to it.

It was important to us to create a coherent and tight design style, so we defined a palette of colors and materials that is repeated in carpentry items, finishing materials and furniture: walnut veneer, grey and white color materials.

On the other hand, the intimate area of the project is characterized by the dominant use of warm tones, optimizing the lighting in the space and at the same time creating a comfortable atmosphere. The playfulness of the glossy materials present in the finishes and furniture give visual continuity to the project, in addition to subtle textures. 

Special care has been taken to design this 3 BHK Apartment Interior Design In Pune with the service space like a dry room. Quirky wallpaper and wooden flooring installation which compliments each other increased the cosiness of the area. Stone washbasin and rough textured wall in the common area juxtapose the glossiness and luxury lighting which creates harmony in design.