Public Spaces

Holy Nails, Pune

location- Baner, Pune, Status- Completed, Year-2018

“Who better than Legorreta to get an inspiration from, for a space that majorly deals with colours?”

Ricardo Legorreta, an architect whose work was boldly modern yet deeply influenced by the traditional architecture of his native Mexican roots. Legorreta’s work is famous for his cubic structures with stucco walls, prints of rich, earthy reds, coppers and oranges, bright yellows, purples, and pinks.

With a dauntless red ceiling and distinctive furniture design, the space’s interior are intended to create a curiosity to the passer-by. Completed In a restricted timeline (A record duration of 12 days for us)and limited budget, the floor layout was strived to give the maximum circulation space for various salon activities.

Well!  The customers of the space are going to have an utterly unprecedented experience at the spa. This project surely brings an evolution to the ‘Nail Parlour design’ by incorporating some unafraid choices & not following the cliche vibes of a Nail salon.

Gokool Pure Veg, Pune


Tejaswini Makeup Studio, Pune

Type: Commercial Makeup-studio, Status: Built, Budget: Undisclosed, Area: 800 sq.ft., Year: 2018, Design Team – Prashant Kulshreshtha, Urvija Kriti, Photography By – Vignete photo studio, Description by – Tanvi Kulshreshtha & Urvija Kriti

Located in the city’s Baner area, a makeup studio ‘Evoke’ is where customers enjoy promised beauty & makeup services in a dreamy fairy tail set-up. By taking some extra measures to create a particularly attractive salon, we aimed to substantially increase its ability to attract and maintain clientele. Designed considering numerous factors including the customer persona & lifestyle, owner’s expectations, space limit, budget & the most important one “Exclusivity & uniqueness” – we are more than happy with how it has turned out fulfilling all the aspects.


Type: Commercial Office Space Status: Built, Year: Dec 2016, Budget: Undisclos, Area: 1800 sq.ft., Year: 2018, Design Team – Prashant Kulshreshtha, Urvija Kriti, Akanksha Walse, Ankita Pashankar, Photography By – Ajay Belsare and Sneha Rodha, Text by – Urvija Kriti & Tanvi Kulshreshtha

Considering the significant time spent in office and innovation based work of modern times the primary focus for a new age office design shifts from an orthodox, cubicle set -up to a more playful, open & relaxed or in other words a “practical” one. No visual clutter at office space is excellent for unleashing employee’s creative side providing a calm, distraction free atmosphere enhancing the productivity quotient multiple folds as a byproduct.

We decided to achieve the desired by staying Monochromatic – ‘white & shades of grey’ – with a sober selection of modern satin finish materials including Duco, PU & solid wood. ‘White’ color helped us in creating a refreshing, airy & quite ambiance while the ‘grey’ successfully gave a ‘formality’ that is subtle & elegant without being too conservative. Both the colors complement each other & communicate the underlying sentiments throughout the space & encourage staffers due to the welcoming & positive vibe.


Status: Built, Year: Dec 2016, Budget: Undisclosed, Photos: Vignett Studio Design Team: Prashant Kulshreshtha Etisha Jain Priyansh Sharma

Story: The constant development of hospitality in the world wrt design and presentation has been generating a lot of interest to young generation. This generation is outgoing, energetic and explorer. Giving the emerging tradition to rediscover the world and surroundings, The concept of @onfire Restaurant was devised. Being on terrace, away from hustle and burden of everyday life, engulfed in surrounding view and cool breeze, the place was planned to take and inspire to go to the road less traveled.

While enjoying the meals they don’t see a hint of kitchen and washrooms while signage helps them to explore these places well. Overall, The restaurant has come out to be the most featured commercial design around, inspired by various cultures, architecture and material use. We hope this project changes the upcoming trend of restaurant designs in India.


Design Team – Prashant Kulshreshthaa, Akanksha Walse, Urvija Kriti, Photography – Sonam Kesarkar, Type- Commercial, Status- built, Location- Pune , Maharashtra Year-2017, No. Of days- 50 Days

Decor- Being another travel story teller place, the walls has a lot of framed travel destination posters. Which keeps you poking while you eat your morsel! Additionally World map in copper wire showcase the main theme of the restaurant. Miniature modes of transport and a Horn at the entry have made customers go crazy after enjoying their Delicious food. The part where you design the interior is not only for looks but practicality too. The diners need to see and be seen by the staff making it easier for the whole process. As far as looks and ambience is considered in On fire all of that blends in and speaks for the theme for itself. We are happiest to gift this another knowledge-filled-cool looking youthful place to Pune and hope it serves it purpose! To fill your stomach and Mind.


The project combines a simple and efficient layout, partly suggested by the limited dimensions of the venue, with the complex and redundant interplay of Raw textures and custom-made elements concurring to define the sophisticated atmosphere and the strong identity of the place, a one-of-a-kind experience lousily inspired, in the intentions of the client.


Area: 4000 sq.ft., Year: 2014, Cost Of Execution: 150 Lakh Rs/- , Days executed in- 55 nos.

A Fine Dine located in the heart of the bustling Bavdhan, bang on the main road, designed with a concept of creating a friendly relaxing space for all age groups. ‘The best way to somebody’s heart is through his stomach’ – This phrase has been proved true for the proud owners of this restaurant with eminent theater and cinema personalities visiting them on a regular basis along with various food lovers of the city. Exhaustive study was done prior to the designing of this restaurant with respect to the visitor typology, requirements of the visitor’s taste, type of design suitable for all age groups, anthropology and experiential behavior.