Personal Spaces

Western Hills, Pune

  • Area: 2500 sq.ft.
  • Year: 2018
  • Design Team – Prashant Kulshreshtha, Anubhavi Nagar
  • Photography By – Vignett
A very tastefully done up apartment, located in the Tuscan inspired architecture of western hills society. The purpose was to provide this family of three, their dreamy humble abode. Analyzing the environment surrounding the space we decided to break the monotony and give a fusion of various styles to the interior space. The first step to the design was to carefully consider the space and derive efficient solutions with meticulous detailing that could optimize the client’s requirement. In addition to having a child in the family, who needs space for games & other playful activities, owners often receive guests. Therefore, one of the basic requirements for design, was the possibility of transforming the premises for different scenarios: the space should be convenient for both cozy family evenings and for loud parties with friends. We replaced the not so impressive tiles provided by the builder, with ‘slate grey 4’x2’ tiles’ from Johnson to match our design style & theme.
We extended the kitchen space to the existing dry terrace, for greater storage and to transform it to an open kitchen layout. The ‘pine wood veneered door’ with ‘white painted frames’ gives a discerning look to the entrance while describing the insides perfectly. In this grand palette we have experimented with various styles with major influence being ‘Modern-Contemporary’ by using clean lines, warm wooden tones along with substantial use of vibrant colour strewn across the elongated area. Blending the space with huge round wall mirror and brass console, the space emits sophistication.
Our client’s love for details reflects well through the entertainment unit in the living area, which was particularly requested. With geometrical ‘white colour metal’ display and MDF panel with abstract pattern grooved on it, this unit is irresistible pulchritude of design and detail. Dining background is vibrant & enchanting with a deep forest-green wall which guides the entrance to the guest room.
 Kitchen is a extremely critical portion of any home which requires major design attention & focus. Made in semi gloss poly-acrylic shutters and stunning quartz countertop, this kitchen is a classic example of a modern & stylish design. Metal base and veneered top of the dining table perfectly balance the symmetry of materials. Another interesting one is the Geometric bar unit in dining area which shelters aged wine bottles and hosts beautiful Indian artifacts adorably. All the three bedrooms have been tastefully done with each bedroom having its own distinctive style. Master bedroom reflects the client’s personalities with neutral colour and dark wood flooring : Contradictory yet in perfect harmony.
Untitled 5904 05 06 _-12.JPGTall standing mirror in brass and the extensive sliding wardrobe provide sufficient space for clothe, accessories and daily utility items. Long curtains in voluptuous blue linen border and floral patterned headboard make this room captivating. Moving on to the kid’s room dressed with soft toned pastel colours, the occupant of the space is a 13 year old girl perusing the traits of a ‘Sagittarius’. Keeping the necessary playfulness in mind, the furniture is given the medley of colours with hexagonal embossed MDF over the drawers and white sleek handles. The most attractive part of this room is the Gypsum ceiling embellished with fibre optical lights arranged in kid’s star sign pattern. A kitty face dressing mirror is the cutest part which is also little girl’s favorite.
Along with divergent spaces and energetic colours, this project orchestrates multiple raw materials from diverse sources: Pine wood veneers sourced from century veneers , beautifully woven fabrics from D’decor, brushed brass knobs, sleek cabinet handles from benzoville & Lights from TISVA. All these interesting resources were customized to create the perfect ambience. With the focus on minute detailing and innovative utilization of materials, we were finally able to translate the imagination into a subtle yet vibrant design reality where the family enjoys their time.

Legacy 2018

  • Area: 3000 sq.ft.
  • Year: 2018
  • Design Team – Prashant Kulshreshtha Urvija Kriti, Akanksha Walse
  • Photography By – Sonam Kesarkar
“To make a design successful is never ending job. It is always an evolving procedure that brings alive a melange of colours and texture in the most natural way possible.” Speaking about the client brief, the brief was to design a practical and modern home that adds a sense of luxury to the whole space and also makes the inhabitant comfortable in their own space.
The entrance of the house welcomes you with subtle colour themed space. The guest room is designed with hydraulic bed fitted to wall that make room for keyboard drawer below it.
Long study table near window has been designed with white and wooden finish. The living room features beautiful seating arrangement. Soft toned sofa goes along with the whole character of living area. The space has a warm, yet inviting feel. The chandelier adds richness to the whole ambience. The stylish bar unit adorned with glass and veneer makes a statement. While sitting in the living area you can enjoy the greenery outside the balcony. The terrace garden concept and outdoor furniture promises to integrate natural greenery with the modern outdoor furniture in home. Each concept is made with precision and enunciates style, giving a very definitive, distinguished and dignified elegance to modern home. Curate a dining space that is high on geometrical patterns and celebrates a striking soft colour palette.
The dining table top has been made in Merino Laminates corian with brass legs which adds on charm of the whole table. The crockery unit which is design in glass is eye catching. The boy’s room has been designed with combination of dark and light tone. Window seating has been provided to utilize the space and enjoy the beautiful surrounding through large window. The interesting tone variation of the colours light up and give a distinctive sign to the ambient.
Mother’s room has been designed with subtle color to tone to give a relaxed feeling. White back painted glass wardrobe with veneer finish. The master bedroom has a grey and white combination of furniture and the whole wardrobe has been given a mirror finish with some veneer to highlight the whole structure. The large window fill the room with ample light and the mirror wardrobe gives us the feeling of larger room. It is simple yet elegant in style, evoking a calm vibe. A study corner that takes you to an inspiration dimension with its engaging ambience and intriguing design elements.


Status- built
Location- Pune , Maharashtra
No. Of days- 120 Days
A house is an oasis in the ordered chaos we live in. It also reflects the nature of the owner. In this project the demand was to create an unobstructed yet defined space which extends the warmest welcome, to assemble cozy yet sophisticated common area that makes you rush back after long hours spent outside. Making common area a cozy and welcoming space influenced by the owner personality. When we enter the apartment the ceiling has wooden members and a console unit. After that we have open space which gives the whole apartment a very grand look.
The living room is the heart of the house. The two green sofas give a very fresh and cozy look to the whole area and add extra zing. The sheer curtain over the balcony door created perfect light in the area. A long shelf is kept on the wall to make room for artifacts and paintings. The furniture has been kept aesthetically appealing but practical, while strongly emphasizing on minimum maintenance. The dining area, adjacent to the living space, follows a similar wall color. A large mirror adorns one wall which gives us the feeling of larger space and a painting enhances the beauty of the wall behind the dining.
The breakfast counter extends in some area in dining to provide more comfort and ease between kitchen n dining spaces. Beside the mirror worship place is created. The kitchen is done with white and wooden laminate which gives a classy appearance. The kids room are designed in such a way that it gives best space to the kids to play and learn. Bright color as yellow has been used to keep the room lively. White table top and yellow drawers study table is positioned near the window to give sufficient light while studying. Wardrobe has been designed in such a way that the little ones can use them comfortably. A black board is placed on the wall to make room for creativity. The wallpaper and the blinds which are used add to the ambience. The guest room or the entertainment room has wall large bed with storage.
The bed has slightly slanted head board and storage behind it. Large window in this room was plus point and it also led to the low height bed. The TV unit is simple yet elegant and the wall behind is colored in blue to give the room a lively look. The ceiling above the TV unit is done in wooden members and the lamps hanging from ceiling complete the look. The master bedroom is designed to make them ethereal light and airy. As the room already have many windows, we have utilized them for natural lighting. The wardrobe in combination of dark and light shade makes it a classy combination. They are customized as per the requirement of the owner to serve the best. The TV unit has long metallic finish top with storage underneath. The wall behind bed is covered with wallpaper which gives a rich look to the whole room.
Right in the same bedroom, the ceiling has wooden panels that bring a new dimension. All the hardware used in the furniture is soft closing which gives a smooth working. The master bed has diamond headboard and the sides are also cushioned. With Lots of colors over a neutral tone, the apartment was our challenge to the current Trends of layout and design. Here is the house one can Imagine that if the metaphor for Love is light, This would be logically called as ‘House in the Woods’.


Status- built
Location- Pune , Maharashtra Year-2017
No. Of days- 55
In search of their idyllic artistic haven , a young couple approached Ogling Inches Design Architects to provide the necessary panache to their interpretation of Classic Indian Art . As art lovers and the husband being a photographer , they needed specific and distinct features such as great lighting , work spaces and spaces to keep their varied artifacts . Keeping in consideration during the design process a space that can evolve to meet their idéa fixed.
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The 2bhk has been transformed into a innovative space from top to bottom as a contemporary feel is achieved through the application of a neutral colour palette, with the Light Grey-painted walls creating a consistent, minimal aesthetic. The Light shade wood surfaces used in the custom well made furniture stands out against this grey backdrop and are complemented by great highlighting of the walls with lights and LED strips. The ceilings adorned with geometric wooden patterns inspired by Indian cosmic yantras gives this house the eccentricity as Indian art and culture is vivid and intricately designed. The living space has minimalist furniture and a simple layout to highlight the walls and levels explored throughout. Stylish , contemporary , symmetric and artistic at a subtle level has been achieved all in all . Art is a part of architecture as much as architecture is a part of it. This Quirky Story confirms the latter. -Divya Jagtap


“Homes aren’t always about garish, over- elaborate designs, they are often about the heart and soul.” The aim of project was to deliver a spacious interior for a home of eight peoples with small rooms and to create a home that showcase a design that honor the original character of the house and satisfies the home owner’s affinity for a modern aesthetic.
_MG_5555Untitled5576 74 75 new
One sees juxtaposition of textured and smooth materials used in the interior. Considering the owner’s love for wood the interior was created using wood and different materials complementing it. Reflecting the heart and soul of the flat owners, this home nested in urban area of Pune spells absolute elegance. “The key to this project was that we haven’t added masses of square footage, we just made every square inch valuable and beautiful.” As you enter the tastefully designed lobby the textured wall and the geometrical false ceiling creates welcoming aura to the space. The jali used in the open area of lobby creates a visual barrier between outer space. The lobby then leads to the living room which features patterned wall.
The seating area has been expressed beautifully in muted colors like off white and white whereas the bedrooms have been painted in clever juxtaposition of bold and sober tones. Since a house is incomplete without an art, the walls of living room are adorned with paintings in many form and design. Making a lasting impression in the living room is the patterned wall for TV which gives a grand feeling to the whole area. The texture used on the furniture soothes the eyes and gives depth to furniture.
As we walk towards kitchen jali is installed in the ceiling which gives a very pleasant look through light and shadows. The whole interior is done with an interesting use of wood and different materials in the house. The wooden furniture gives us the rough texture and the visibility of grain in the wood makes it more appealing. The combination of satin and glossy texture is used on the furniture to create attractive element in design. For kitchen we used frosted glass shutters cabinets and glossed poly acrylic wooden shutters with black granite counter, perfect to lend a contemporary look to any modular kitchen.
Overhead water tank of 1000L has been installed in the washrooms keeping in view of today’s water problem and placed hidden above the false ceilings. The personal space was designed to suit the likes and dislikes of the occupant. The master bedroom simple, yet contemporary with maximum focus on the space utilization. The furniture custom designed and use of bronze glass on furniture gives very classy look and at the same time it gives an illusion of bigger space. Posture bed with fabricated headboard is used in bedroom to add luxury. The master terrace has been designed tastefully keeping in view the luxury of the bedroom.
Bar unit has been installed which has provision of storage of bottles, glasses and wine bottles. Automated light have been fitted to the unit for making it aesthetically appealing. All the wardrobe consist of automated light and has been designed in such a manner that it has space for safe, separate drawer for different accessories like tie, jewelry, shelf for folded clothes and hanging space for trouser as well. As the family owning this house travels a lot, so the loft can accommodate all the luggage.
This Project was our another effort to reach and establish the highest degree of finishing in Indian market and Public housing needs in this limited budget. Simple designs, clean lines, subtle colors, all helped us to create a warm and comfortable ambience.




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Parekh House, VIMANNAGAR

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