Piccadilly, Punawale, Pune

Reception and Waiting lobby with a black Corian reception desk and wood rafter backdrop, hanging filament bulbs, backlit arched paneling, marble flooring and suede finish sofa sets

Year: 2020

Budget: 95 Lakh

The site office which incorporates sample flat is spread in 5000 sq ft area.

The building was designed to add further value by creating a dynamic and sculptural building that respects and enhances its surroundings while incorporating new public space and greenery. As a piece of architecture that offers pleasing views when approached from all sides, the completed building is a graceful addition to the square with an intriguing and welcoming presence.

The main challenge of this project was the structural solution, since it’s a temporary structure which will be demolished after 10 years we needed structural elements which are low cost and low maintenance. Also, we needed a large open space without columns and for that metal, structure was our best option.

Built in a white concrete and glass aesthetic that embraces light and reflectiveness, the curvilinear form of the structure reiterates its sense of natural fluidity and challenges traditionally orthogonal industrial architecture.

Access to the building takes place through a covered patio and glass facade and a water body on either side of the stairs. When approached from the parking area, the main building is visible through the huge metal screen placed at the tip of the canopy. Below the screen, there is a reflective pool. The pool filters sunlight into the reception area and onto the space below, creating fluctuating reflections of light.

The plan is divided into two zones; the sales office and sample flat. The sales office incorporates cabins, model area, reception, and utility area. 

The reception area has a back wall in full fixed glass with vertical metal pipes fixed from outside. The other side wall has tilted panels of 15 feet and windows in between creating a play of light and shadow. 

The cabins are in semicircular shape projected from the straight building line. The model area through which the sample flat entrance is placed has a huge semi-circle opening with fixed glass. The opening size compliments the volume of the area making it look more attractive and grand. This area is exposed as we walk through the wide corridor with cabins on either side.

The steel frame canopy is tapered from the side creating a more interesting skyline for elongated structure when looked from the roadside. The flat roof and entrance canopy are in wooden and dark grey finish respectively. When looked from outside the huge semicircular window breaks the monotony of rectangular and rigid shape giving the building a focal point. The building is surrounded by a layer of green area which contributes to the interior as well.

This Sales office design assumes a simple plasticity, richness of details and striking details. It responds harmoniously to the need for spaces of comfort and tranquility that subtly fit into its landscape and topographic context without losing the poetics and personality that characterize it.