Can a 2 BHK Apartment be decorated within a budget of 2 Lakh in Pune?

tips to design a 2bhk
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Can you Really decorate your 2bhk apartment in 2 Lakh? – As asked to me a number of times. 

Hey Yes why not,

Ogling Inches has experience of designing and decorating well balanced interior design themed apartment.

Being one of the top Interior designers and architects Ogling inches has come up with few of the handy decorating ideas for pocket friendly projects.

As we are talking about only decoration here is the breakup of what interior design elements you will need and for how much design budget

Painting Your Apartment

Plastic ceiling and luster wall paint – 60000/-

Select Interesting solid wall colours (viz. mocasin yellow, turquoise, or amethyst etc. with base colour (viz. light beige, light grey, creme etc. )

Living room with wooden TV unit on dark blue wall, seating area with hanging light and sofa set with marble flooring.

(Here we used forest Green as wall highlighting colour, and creme for rest of the walls)

Lighting Fixture For Your  Rooms

35000/- In interior design of an apartment, Lighting fixture is like salt.

It cant be more or cant be less to make the food perfectly tasty. You can use these combos to make it impressive.

(one crystal hanging light fixture over dining, wall mounted light fixture with 6 watt LED bulbs in rooms instead of tubelights, and study lamps)

Living area with grey grooved panel and wooden unit with white metal shelf on side. Blue and grey sofas and white shaer and grey curtains with hanging light.

Photo frame

from amazon (20 pcs) – 6000/-

Console unit in white and golden legs with large round mirror and candle stand. Three painting frames on the wall with planters in a jute bag and pot.

Decor For Your Home

flower vase, candle stand, table runner, living room rug – 20000/-

Wall bed with a platform for keyboard finished in laminate and wood veneer, pendant lamps over the study table, orange white roman blind on the window, and wooden flooring

Ceiling Of The Spaces

one wooden false ceiling in dining – 15000/-

Dining area with monochrome wallpaper and table, chair and moss green bench and wooden ceiling. Kitchen with grey and blue shutter and yellow dado.


indoor plants or wall elements – 5 nos – 10000/-

Apartment entrance with a wooden main door and round handle, embossed MDF panel with metal nameplate and a plant decor

Total Cost

cost of Decoration – 146000/-. Being on a strict budget and making it lively and exquisite, just use these tips and impress people. Still in case you find any difficulty or have any doubts, we would be happy to help you. You can contact us through this link.

few more of our work to impress you 😉

Living room with light orange ceiling and blue and brick color sofa set with intricate pattern carpet. Black mirror finish TV unit and plantersKids room with study table and rope hanged shelf on both side and yellow chairs. White planter in corner and white bed with colorful linen.Dining area with wooden chair and hanging ceiling with three bronze hanging lights. Teak wood finish crockery unit and a wall mounted fan.

Happy Uplifting Ambiance 🙂

If you have any questions, just comment Below...We may add your questions too

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1 thought on “Can a 2 BHK Apartment be decorated within a budget of 2 Lakh in Pune?”

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