Raheja Vista, NIBM

Entrance area looked through the security door screen. Decor placed on wooden shelf with hanging light and golden planters.

Year: 2019

Budget: 38 Lakh

An exquisite garden apartment interior design with 3000 sf garden and media room.

A house to enjoy, relax and feel relaxed, “in the chaotic surrounding “

By working with the homeowner who is interested in art collection we were able to create spaces that allow for a dynamic dialogue between the artworks and furnishings.

This is immediately apparent in the expansive, marbled entrance hall, where the brightly illuminated, multiple crystal hanging lamps is complemented by a rustic finish wallpaper giving away the grand entry vibe.

The interior design scene sets a welcome sense of repose that carries through to the rest of the home. The living area has neutral tone wallpaper all over the walls complimenting the wall with bronze mirror cladded niche  with wooden members alongside. Materiality is just as much a feature in this area , glass doors give a full view of the outdoor area while sitting indoors. The area is complemented by a single-tone suede sofa, colorful rug and organically shaped side table. The primary design intention was to remove the distinction between the indoors and outdoors in order to create spaces which feel open and transparent. sliding glass doors spanning the length of the living area allow an abundance of natural light to stream through. The outdoor area has contrasting black and yellow stone flooring with large potted plants. 

The adjacent dining room is pared back by comparison, allowing materials – and showstopper furniture – to be the main attraction. An ebonised table and brass-edged black leather dining chairs are presided over by the linear crystal Light fixture, also panelling on the walls adds to the deep familiar feel within this mealtime gathering spot.  laser-cut, coated-metal cladding was added and then two plant light fixtures were added  for dramatic effect. The kitchen, which links to the dining area via mirror cladded opening, is characterised by a quartz counter and a selection of turquoise overhead units, including the grey tones to suit the kitchen’s palette. 

Colour is the focus in the media room lounge, where a blue wall make a statement, while black sofa and cushions continuing the theme. the unique book shelf with wooden shelf and metal support breaks the blocks of colour and adding a touch of playfulness to this family room and, upping the ante even further, a projector installed in the ceiling means music is always part of the living experience. Around the bookshelf, the quirky frames adds to the juxtaposition of forms, their whiteness tossing an element of cool crispness into the friendly interior. 

‘The children’s bedrooms feature soft colours and colorful furniture, with playful elements over the walls adding youthful freshness, the canopy bed adds uniqueness to the whole. the separate outdoor area designed especially for kids with black stone flooring and contrasting elements. 

In this garden apartment interior design Master bedroom is subtle yet equally charming, the bedroom continues the home’s pattern play through its wallpaper and custom-designed headboard, which create a glittery focus point for the whole room. Simple and elegant furniture  overlook the balcony and garden beyond, while the en-suite walk-in wardrobe has this dual mirror dresser capturing all the attention. The connected outdoor garden area has this calm and serene meditation space, surrounded with a garden.