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One of the best things about this cost effective apartment interior design in pune is the amount of natural light it gets during the day. Because of the muted color palette, the emphasis on the space is greater.

As we enter the apartment a bright cozy foyer with console unit welcomes you. The wooden rafters in-ceiling give the required warmth to the area. 

We have a huge space for the dining area overlooking the kitchen, the openness of the apartment can be felt right from the starting. 

Wooden dining set stood in the center with chandeliers over it in a huge open space. Demolition of the wall has to be done to make more room as we enter this area, also creating a canvas for an itched mirror adding grandness to space.

 The highlight of the dining space is golden wall decor which pops up in a muted color palette.

The living area is kept beside the balcony so that one can enjoy the lush greenery outside. Comfortable sofas with modern minimalist center table add dimension to the whole space.

It was important for us to create a coherent and tight design style, so we defined a palette of colors and materials that is repeated in the carpentry items, finishing materials, lighting, and furniture: maple wood with color touches of yellow and gold.

Interior walls were destroyed in the renovation except for the master bedroom. We set up the kitchen with more open space and a breakfast counter. 

Wooden flooring was done, thus turning the kitchen into part of the bright and open dining space. The light color palette was chosen for the kitchen with black stone counter.

The kid’s room is done in bright yellow and white colors to make it cheerful and open. Light color wallpaper adorns the wall over which the blackboard is hanged. When we move beside the window we find a study table with plenty of natural light coming through the window. Hanging lights are placed over the table. The door has been painted in yellow color to match the vibe of the area and to distinguish it from others.

The media room has a full-length bed for comfortable seating and extra space was used to set up a TV unit with wooden rafters above them. The rooms of this affordable interior design in Pune is well ventilated through the window and bed has been set up near the window to enjoy the view of lush greenery outside.

The cost effective master bedroom has a very elegant and refreshing look which is completed by a neutral-colored wardrobe and upholstered bed. The back wall has sea green floral wallpaper which acts as a focal point for the whole area. Wooden finishes a sleek TV unit and minimal dresser unit at the entrance door to complete the whole look. 

Year: 2019

Budget: 35 Lakh

Configuration – This 3bhk house in Pune was designed for a small family designed in a simple, elegant and minimalist design style with lots of open spaces and cozy corners to enjoy. The guidelines were to create a modern and minimalist design that balances beauty and functionality.