Restaurant Design

Restaurant Design

With over ten years of work experience and designing almost 18 Restaurants as the best interior designer in Pune, we strive to create designs that have a positive impact on people and places. We stretch the boundaries of what is sustainable, equitable and relevant; understand space and how people interact with it; keep exploring materials and new ways to use them.

When designing the Restaurants, the key is to strike a balance between the styling and optimum space utilisation. Right from the entry through the reception to the work floor and conference rooms to office furniture design and lighting, every aspect of the corporate office should reflect the vision of the company. That’s exactly why we have the top restaurant interior designers in Pune in our team.

K Factory

Area: 2000 sq.ft.

Year: 2019

Photography By – Vignett

The K Aqua - Renovated bar and lounge signboard with gleaming white light 3 blue ring neon lights, raw brick wall, customized swing & ceiling installation representing rain shower Restaurant seating area with maroon leather couches with the bar counter in the background Vibrant yellow bar counter seating, hanging lamps, ceiling light fixture The K Factory blue lighting goes well with the name The K Aqua circular bar back bottle shelf with neon blue light at the restaurant bar counter three hanging yellow light lamps above the seating area & the neon blue bar counter lights glowing in dark

Nation 11, Satara

Area: 20000 sq.ft.

Project Cost : 1.5 Cr.

Year: 2018

Design Team – Prashant Kulshreshtha, Urvija Kriti,

Photography By – Yadnyesh

colored hexagonal ceiling, waiting area & outdoor seating area Reception, waiting area, geometrical partition screen & honeybee hexagonal ceiling Red leather low height chairs & wooden table & flooring Red leather chairs & white triangular pattern jaali partition Restaurant bar counter and lounge area with white light hanging lamps at night view towards the waiting area with a series of white jaali partitions one after the other & honeybee structure ceiling

Key Features of Ogling Inches

  • Fastest Design to Execution Timeline.
  • Highest standards of Vendor collaboration.
  • Option of Design Consultancy/ Turnkey contracting.
  • Most Cost efficient approach.
  • Project handling scale from 2500 sf. to hectares
  • Widest Experiance of  Commercial Building Projects – Restaurant Design, Showroom Design, Mall Design, Hotel Design, Hospital Design and Office Design.


Status: Built

Year: Dec 2016

Budget: 45 Lakh

Photos: Vignett Studio

Design Team: Prashant Kulshreshtha, Etisha Jai,  Priyansh Sharma

Story: The constant development of hospitality in the world wrt design and presentation has been generating a lot of interest to young generation. This generation is outgoing, energetic and explorer. Giving the emerging tradition to rediscover the world and surroundings, The concept of @onfire Restaurant was devised. Being on terrace, away from hustle and burden of everyday life, engulfed in surrounding view and cool breeze, the place was planned to take and inspire to go to the road less traveled.

Restaurant entrance with a World map wall mural on a grey brick sidewall, royal blue flooring & multicolored directional sign board with world travel destinations on it Roof top restaurant dining area full view, white cabanas On fire restaurant roof top white chairs, different country flags, bar counter, sunset view Yellow & white wire chairs in the bar seating area covered with awning roof. Dark grey wall with wall frames, washroom signage, dining table, side table Staircase sidewall painted with yellow & decorated with travel destination frames on it. Light bulbs hanging around a point in the ceiling imitating a spider Restaurant entryway interiors, Yellow metal ceiling beams & metal pillars matching with the bar counter wall color


Area: 4000 sq.ft.

Year: 2014

Cost Of Execution: 2.5 Cr

A Fine Dine located in the heart of the bustling Bavdhan, bang on the main road, designed with a concept of creating a friendly relaxing space for all age groups. ‘The best way to somebody’s heart is through his stomach’ – This phrase has been proved true for the proud owners of this restaurant with eminent theater and cinema personalities visiting them on a regular basis along with various food lovers of the city. Exhaustive study was done prior to the designing of this restaurant with respect to the visitor typology, requirements of the visitor’s taste, type of design suitable for all age groups, anthropology and experiential behavior.

Masemari Chinjabi popular restaurant interiors Masemari Chinajbi entrance staircase Restaurant design with vibrant yellow walls, royal blue ceiling, hanging lights in series, jaali partition, couches & chair Table seating with dining accessories matching with the restaurant wall color. ir restaurant dining table setting with yellow semi flower folding napkins & white plates warm white ceiling light, royal blue highlighter, MDF jaali partition with the restaurant dining space visible through it.

Gokool Veg, Pune

Area: 5000 sq.ft.

Year: 2018

Cost Of Execution: 45 L

Restaurant outdoors design with Turquoise furniture for the outdoor seating, GOKOOL sign board in turquoise color, colorful outdoor plants, white molding & black & white pattern tile flooring Best commercial Interiors Restaurant ground floor is designed with a ‘curved ceiling’ with light fixtures bringing a semi dazzling effect, Insitu technology Staircase at the left corner of the ground floor, Peach wall paint, cabana seating in one corner Gokool restaurant renovation & design includes contrasting black and white patterned tiles on the first floor low tables and low brown leather sofas, alternating linear pattern of white sadarhalli granite and black cudappah stone flooring, turquoise pillars and staircase, plants, way to the ground floor from restaurant's first floor via staircase with turquoise hand railing & circular mercury like wall decor on the side wall painted with peach color.

BBQ OnFire, Kharadi

Area: 5000 sf

Project Cost : 1.2 Cr

Year: 2018

Photography – Sonam Kesarkar

restaurant reception & entrance design with sign board & colorful decor LED sign board & restaurant outdoor seating area restaurant indoor area with yellow grid fall ceiling, open kitchen & dining two chefs in the restaurant's open kitchen white & turquoise chairs & tables lined up in the Restaurant outdoors table set up including napkin holder with restaurant's logo