6 Ideas to Transform your Rented House into a Beautiful Home in India.

A renter’s life often swings between ‘Making the house feel homely’ & ‘What if I have to shift soon’. Never mind! There are many ways in that are balanced, do not dig a deep hole into your deposits & transform your rental into a cozy, gorgeous & lively abode.

Keep your chin up, this does not necessarily be expensive. Remember ‘Even the hardest puzzles have a solution.’ 🙂 

1. Paint one wall

Yes, we understand that repainting the entire room or house would be a costly affair & a ‘too soon to commit’ situation considering the uncertainty attached to a rented home.

No worries! You can dress up your home in a classy and sophisticated way if you just paint one wall in the room or in other words use an ‘Accent wall’. Pick a unique color, brightness or texture for the accent wall. If the entire room is in lighter tones a single wall painted in turquoise, teal or cobalt blue is going to add extraordinary glamour & charm to the room. 

Pune apartment living room design with a dark wall paint

2. Vibrant statement furnishing

The accent wall is an easy & obvious option but in case painting a wall bright is not feasible in a rented home or you are keen on spending for things that are long lasting, invest in vibrant furnishings. Based on your priority & comfort select which item would you prefer to invest in ex. Sofa set, side tables, beds, dining tables, a designer dressing or wardrobes. It’s completely okay to go slow & create your ideal home in bits & pieces. 

A magenta boss chair in front of a neutral wall or a bright yellow side-table can instantly warm up the ambiance.

Mustard yellow custom sofa

You might already be having few statement possessions with sentimental values, consider renovating them. For example, your grandmother’s cushion chair can be completely transformed with a vibrant floral printed fabric. Also, there are so many bright & artistic furnishing pieces are available in the market. Exploring them itself is a pleasure 🙂


3. Art & Decor 

Modern apartment decor

Sadly, there is no other way to put this: A Tenant rarely has the freedom to do whatever he wants to do with the rented house. The good news is this does not stop one to transform his space according to his personality & unique ideas. A place called ‘Home’ is incomplete without some art & handpicked decor which reflects you.

“Holes in the wall” is often a reason for your deposit cuts or tussle with the landlord (If not, yayy you are one lucky fellow) When it comes to wall art or paintings. Don’t worry! Following are some clever ways to avoid or limit them:

  • Use a shelf or table to showcase your paintings 
  • Opt for stick and peel wall papers or wall stickers instead
  • A picture hanging strip can hold the wall frames perfectly
  • Use adhesive wall hooks for hanging purposes instead of drilling the wall
  • If you want to add photo frames You can opt for a hanging picture display that needs one hole and will showcase multiple pictures. 

living room reflection in a Mosaic mirror

Additionally, add some exclusive art pieces, figurines, vases, rugs, light fixtures (Removable) for a personal and warm vibe & to feel at home. If you have a tiny place use contemporary mirrors to create an illusion of a bigger space & to enhance home aesthetics.

4. Prettify your bathroom

A clutter-free bathroom is essential for a soothing bath time also an impressive bathroom creates a positive impact on your home.  

  • Collect & group all the bathing essentials & cosmetics together and put them in attractive baskets. 
  • Install a modern & stylish vanity & try to hide not so good looking items & tools.
  • Add one or two small indoor plants or succulents with quirky planters.
  • Invest in a classy washable shower curtain. Vinyl curtains are a good idea which keeps the water in the shower & not on the floor. They also dry quickly. 
  • Use a big cozy & cute bathroom mat to add glamour to your bathroom.
  • Use some quirky and humorous washroom poster quotes. Tada! It brings a smile 🙂
  • If the bathroom walls are messy & stains are permanent use a temporary stick and peel printed wall-paper or tile.
  • Buy & Install a new shelf or use an old one to keep fresh flowers, books & not to forget aroma candles. 

With the above implemented imagine your bathroom & a long warm bath!! Already feeling it? Go for it. 

5. Plants and flowers 

Eternal truth: Plants are beneficial for your home as they purify the indoor air as well as look gorgeous. The good news is these are a big trend nowadays!! Our trend setters have officially accepted that houseplants are unique statement pieces & create a beautiful vibe. Thanks. (Pun intended)Fr a rented home an economical and the easiest way to decorate a home is opting for indoor plants.

Apartment bedroom with indoor plant

Be it the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room, guest room or dining area – with some stunning plant space is going to emit not only oxygen but also luxury & elegance. Choose plants that grow quickly & are easy to maintain.

Ex. Spider plant, pothos, aloe vera, jade plant, dieffenbachia and velvet plant. Know more about the Best Indoor Plants for a home here.


6. Flexible furniture & storage

is your best buddy if you are living in a rented home. If your house has a space crunch or your job requires shifting frequently opting for pliant modular pieces is a good idea. Ex a sofa cum bed will adorn your living room & can serve the purpose of a guest bed too. Folding tables, Wall mounted Invisible beds or dining tables, folding bed tables, study tables with storage & a lifting top for the coffee time, etc are extremely handy & multi functional in a rented home. Pack your bags peacefully & empty the home hassle free when the time comes to move on. 

Wall mounted piano table cum bed

wall mounted folding bed

In the end, it’s great to have your own house but happiness and beauty can be achieved anywhere 🙂 Be a little patient, selective, practical & recall the fact that you might have to leave this space before investing in any home furnishings or decor. You can get more of such ideas on our website here.

“A house is not a home without Love.” so spread love & be happy <3

Team Ogling Inches

Finding the Right Interior Designer in India Easily.

Are you worried about finding the right interior designer for your home/ office design?


We have helped hundreds of our clients getting their place designed as per the latest Interior design trends and best possible finishes.

Look at the Infographic presented by recent International study below:-


Almost 65% of the interior design clients are not happy with what they get over the amount spent on their place.

The real sad part is – finding right interior designer for your home in india is not so easy, because, Either Interior Designers in India are getting the projects from ‘So-called SEO agencies;’ hired by them. Faking fan following and showing Likes and comments on their Youtube. Both ways they are spoiling the possible well-designed houses and most deserving relations.

Well, this is just a part and parcel of the world. We cant help people regarding that, but we can definitely help you keep out of the vicious circle of bad design!
We Love making people happy. 🙂  

First of all congratulations!

You have your dream home/Office/Restaurant or cafe & we understand it wouldn’t have been a cake-walk but it’s worth it. Isn’t it? 🙂 Now let’s come to the next part: making it functional, beautiful & most importantly fit for your taste, daily activities, personality & basically turning it into a space that is YOU. 

Whether renovating an old house or getting the new one designed, it’s always better to hire a professional interior designer for the task. Before you rush to consult the first name you find, get a checklist to ensure you choose a credible and experienced right interior designer for your home in India. Interior designer who can deliver a result that you’ll love & cherish for years to come. Perplexed with the idea of finding the right interior designer for your place in India? Let us help you to make a wise decision.

There must be around 1000 Architects and Interior designers in your city. Out of which trust me only 3-4 designers are the ones we are looking for. And why not, let us compare their experience, approach to design and quotes. Now the one you find the best out of these three is the one you want. 

Below are the steps to find that one designer. Be with me, We will be taking step by step approach to findind that guy!

Step 1: Get the specifics 

Decide on the critical aspects –

Style – which is the basic design style do you like? select one only.

You may feel all are good. but NO. As we are looking for one designer, we need only one style.


Image result for scandinavian living pinterest

Modern Eclectic

Image result for eclectic interior style pinterest

Modern Vintage

Image result for pinterest vintage living room


Mid Century

Living Room:8 Midcentury Modern Decor Style Ideas Tips For Interior Design Living Room Inspirative Gallery Mid Century Furnitu Mid Century Living Room Furniture


Image result for SCDA living room

I am not talking about the rest of the design styles as it makes no sense to do those in today’s homes.

Watch closely at the above images. They are perfectly balanced, some wood, some colour, some texture kind of places. This is what you want.

Also understand what a cheap, ugly, and non-sense design looks like.

Why ugly? too much of wood, too much of cladding, cheap glossy laminate finish, and unplanned decorative items.

You don’t want to make it look like a wood house made of cheap dark laminate! In interior design, Taste matters. Taste of you and taste of your to be hired designers. That’s the key.

Do you like Contemporary? Hanh Insta fan? Or Eclectic?

Decide One.


Now, the Next step is to move from Emotions to calculations.

I will show you how to fix your budget.

Check your carpet area.

Now as a matter of fact, whoever you consult, get design built the following cost per square feet is the minimum cost you need to consider as budget. 

If your budget comes to 1600/- Rupees per square feet. then you will get-

The main priority would be to get the essentials at the place. It would be comfortable, less costly, but less life of the furniture. finishes you will get- Laminate/ modular furniture, Fake wall finishes with an incomplete look. But anyhow, This will feel awesome.

If your budget comes to 1900/- Rupees per square feet. then you will get

Complete look, with decorative light fixtures, comfortable fabric sofas, Veneer finishes, decorative elements and heavy sun block lined curtains.

If your budget comes to 2700/- Rupees per square feet. then you will get

Brass, Genuine Leather sofas, Solid wood and Veneer finishes with PU coatings and decorative.

The more expensive the project is the far better options of finishes are.

Do not get confused with the designer if he says he can get the things done in less than the above mentioned cost.

It’s not possible! Either you are going to get duped or going to get a cheap- looking place.

So now as we know our budget.

We move to the person who can get the place completed in your required time.

Generally, a 1500 square feet house takes  3 months right from hiring to handover.

Checklist for hiring the right interior designer

Step 2: Where to find the guy- 

Look for them on Google/social media, speak to your friends, a family who recently hired an interior designer or another key source is décor magazines and blogs that feature architecture and design works. Shortlist the ones that fit your list of filters. This way you would have a handful of them to approach.

 Facebook reviewsGoogle Reviews

 Once you have shortlisted some designers, do a background check. Know about their education (specialization, institution), projects they have worked on, people they have worked with, people they have worked under if any, and their experience. Look for their reviews by their previous clients. Google & Facebook reviews are two of the best and non-modifiable sources to check their authenticity. 

Through here you will be able to shortlist seven eight Interior designers max. which you like to consider based upon your style (looking at their past works/ images) and budget.

Step 3: Portfolio and Credentials

 When you have an eye on the one, do a background check about their qualifications, company. previous projects. Take a look at their portfolio, go through the different range of design styles.

woman surfing the internet & social media on laptop

If everything in their portfolio has a similar design concept & feels almost the same Then you know that your home will also end up looking like a close copy. Always remember, a lot of companies show off with 3D images or software designed pictures rather than showing the actual work after execution. Always check their authenticity and work profile before proceeding.

This will help you to reach next four designers, which you may consider.

Step 4: Discuss

The discussion shouldn’t only be focused on the project budget but it should also reflect the design expert’s work style. Does he/she listen to your questions? Are they trying to persuade a bit too much?, Will he/she accomplish your goals within your budget? Can he/she adapt to your liking, schedule, and other requirements?

Please Keep everything transparent & communicate well. Designers or architects are like doctors, you lie, they might not be able to handle your condition, additionally, it may be a bigger mess than you have thought of. These guys are professionals in their field and want to make beautiful/ landmark projects for their clients. Hiding, budget, timeline or your taste from them could be a total disaster. 

You may also ask the questions below for clarity from the designer:

– Is there a particular style that you like or that you don’t like?

– How many projects do you work on at a given time?

– What’s your internal structure, and who would I work with on your team other than you?

– How long would you anticipate the project to be completed?

– Does our availability line up?

– What is your project management style and what will you expect of me?

– How do you charge and what does your fee include?

– How do you keep track of my budget, payments, and refunds?

– How do you resolve problems during the project? (Furniture arrives damaged, the wrong piece was shipped, etc.)

For Example we (Ogling inches design architects) are a very adjustable and transparent design firm for the mentioned questions. In the beginning itself our clients always share all of their queries directly to us to let us help them if they get stuck somewhere & this makes the project journey comfortable for both the parties. 

Happy client giving checklist to the professional


Now the time we were waiting for.

This discussion would tell you who is the guy who will help you get your dream place designed and executed in the best possible way and budget.

Step 5: Sign the contract

 If you feel that the interior designer is listening closely to your ideas, is able to interpret your style, has a vibrant portfolio, has great reviews – High five! you’ve found a winner. 

In India often we take things a bit casually & discuss some or all the conditions verbally which results into bitter experiences, arguments & confusion. Thus we recommend that before any work is done and before you pay anything, make sure you sign a contract.

It should specify responsibilities, a deadline, budgetary limits and all the other important aspects. Your home must reflect your personality and have unique touches. Clear all possible hidden terms, loopholes & possible troubling elements with the designer in advance.

Usually, interior designers charge their fees for the number of visits, out of your city visiting charges, printing site visits, communication fees, etc. Settle all of these amounts before signing the contract.

 contract with client's signature

We wish you a smooth & satisfactory design process & great time after the project handover as well.

Team Ogling Inches