The Pros and Cons of Ready-made Furniture and Tailor-made Furniture

custom and tailor furniture

If you are wondering, yes, There are a lot of Pros and Cons between- Ready-made furniture and Tailor-made furniture. When it comes to designing your apartment or your office, it’s important to examine all the possibilities you have, be it furniture, wall paint, decor, or other materials. The furniture is going to be used for a long time and is a one-time investment for most hence one of the most important decisions to make during the interior design process.

That is the reason we being in the interior design field for more than 6 years have always been discussing all the available furniture options with our clients before the final selection.

In this fast world, most of us prefer to get things done ASAP, then there are others for whom quality and customization are primary. This creates the debated view on Ready-made and Custom-made furniture. So here’s our blog to answer all your questions regarding the furniture types.

Ready-made furniture

Notably, in current times we have many companies & furniture stores like Natural living, Ekbote furniture (Furniture stores in Pune)Hometown, @home & others to pick & choose your favorite furniture & bring it home within no time.

You get a vast variety of furniture in terms of size, quality, colors, design & most importantly budget.

White floor lamp beside brown recliner

Ready-made furniture is like modules, they are designed with standard dimensions, color, and finish with very few companies offering customization on these points.

Unfortunately, even if you want slight changes in the furniture available at shops sometimes it’s not possible.

Dining table with glass top and white metal legs,

In short, ready-made is ‘as it is seen at the store’ mostly.

Custom-made furniture

If you want something which is one of its own & exclusive, it’s only possible in the case of custom made furniture.

Wall to wall deck bed with a leather backrest in brown leatherite,

With the assistance of a designer, you can get an exact replica of your dream idea accurately. A custom piece can blend seamlessly with your existing decor or make a bold statement and be a conversation piece.

Dining area with monochrome wallpaper and table, chair

Let’s consider all the factors on which furniture type suits your requirement better.

Budget is one of the biggest disparities between ready-made and custom furniture.

In most cases, custom furniture is going to be more expensive than ready-made counterparts. Ready-made offerings often represent a budget-friendly option.

Manufacturers that sell pre-made pieces often offer a large variety of items to pick from. As a result, you may be able to find something that suits the space specs, without necessarily needing customized furniture.

On the other hand, you might find custom furniture, which is more expensive but can be of a much better quality & durable in the long run.

Furniture that’s specifically designed to suit your needs provides better satisfaction, uniqueness & compliments.

This is where professional designers come into the picture & help you 🙂

Apartment entrance area with white and pastel purple


In terms of flexibility, we’ll have to go with custom-made furniture again because nothing beats the ability to commission a piece of furniture that’s specifically tailored to your needs.

Bedroom with glossy wooded poster bed and sheer curtains on it, leatherite headboard and wood finish back paneling, white walls, and Beige fabric roman blinds

The possible design options are truly endless additionally you get the benefits of customizing your furniture as per the specifics of your space design style.

The percentage of customization possible in ready-made furniture is comparatively less like the companies offer you only a few specific color options, now they may not go well with your overall design scheme.

Forex. If your home has a quirky vibe & you want a neon shade sofa, it will be difficult to find it ready-made but with customization, you can always pick a neon fabric, decide on the style, voila! It’s ready


Now branding can be a controversial factor. Some of us are brand-struck, who’ll go with highly labeled products totally ignoring the fact that the piece has no uniqueness of its own.

Branded items sometimes have good resale value, if kept in good condition but Custom pieces often have that “artisanal” or “unique” vibe, which makes them attractive and self-sellable.


A crucial USP of ready-made is their delivery time. Since the products are machine-made and sold at a market where the demand never stops, the company maintains a stock of products and offers delivery time from 7days to 15days.

For some brands that get their products imported from other countries usually take 45days to 90days.

On the other hand, custom-made furniture can take a longer delivery period due to the effort and time required in the various processes of designing, discussion, material availability, and actual site execution.

Wall bed with a platform for keyboard


Durability is not an intrinsic quality of either custom-made or ready-made furniture. It’s more about the quality tier you consider.

In other words, there are cheap custom furniture, as well as mid-priced and expensive options. The same goes for ready-made furniture.

There are many companies that focus on entry-level models, while others create luxurious and durable ready-made models that are built to last a lifetime and priced accordingly.

The bottom line is that there is no right answer: custom furniture and ready-made are both good, and each will serve a purpose.

Master bedroom with bed with floral fabric

Whether you go one way or the other, you could even mix both options. It’s important to let the personality of your business shine through.

If you have any questions, just comment below…We may add your questions too

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