Top 10 Ideas to Decor your Home in this Christmas 2020

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Christmas is around the corner and with it, the venue, to share and enjoy with closed ones, is already decided. Special days are coming, a lot of people gain the advantage of the December bridge to embellish their homes for this festive. Place the X-mas tree, shine on Christmas ribbons, prepare the advent calendar, untangle the lights etc. Many families look for originality and amaze their guests with unique ornaments and details.

Below are 10 Christmas decorations ideas 2020 that will make your house more beautiful this New Year:

1. Make a DIY Advent calendar

There are hundreds of ideas, available on social media platforms like Instagram, to make an Advent Calendar. The online media are riddled with designs, all you need is to finalise the best Christmas house decorations inside. Advent calendars can be any theme like romantic, sweet, children’s, rustic etc.

Don’t forget to hang sweets and gifts in kraft envelopes on the Christmas tree.

2. Dress the chairs

Chairs are vital components in X-mas decoration. People spend hours on them sharing happy moments with their family. Therefore, it is best to dedicate some hours in crafting them. Embellish them with colourful ribbons to augment the table décor. Or, you can put crowns on the backrest to make your guests feel super special.

3. Christmas tree with eatables and staircase

Natural eatables can be easily transformed into embellishments for the best corner of your house on Christmas. All you need is to let your thoughts run wild and get down to business. Simply, take some nuts, pineapples or candies and hand them with balls and other decorative motifs. You can also carve pineapple into various shapes like animals and bring life to the table.

Another effective and smart solution is to use a wooden staircase that one barely uses at home. This can become the centre of attraction this eve. The wooden stair X-mas tree has a classic allure and stylish taste that can give a lot of play when it comes to Christmas home décor.

Both the options, pineapple tree and staircase tree, are more economical as compared to conventional plastic trees, that are not only expensive but also looks cheap when assembled. The best part is that these alternate options eradicate the problem of reassembling and de-assembling.

4. Christmas with a Millennial Pink touch

What if you transform the blood red to pink? The Utopian Pink has become one a trend for interior designer in Pune. You can easily modify any space with bright pink touch with heavy Christmas decoration. It’s not just about recharging your area with Millennial pink shade; it’s about incorporating certain funky touches. For instance, A crown in your kid’s room will be an upgraded version for the festive season.

5. Garnish with dried branches

If you are looking for ideal ornamental element for Christmas season, dry branches are the ultimate solution for this. They can be easily converted into sustainable X-mas tree. Go for irregular and sculptural branches to create your own tree at home.

Once you have selected the branch for decoration, insert it with Christmas crafts. Creativity is limitless, you can adopt the design as per your need and festive warmth. Add a string of lights as a final touch to the Christmas house decoration inside.

6. Furoshiki, the art of wrapping with hankies

Furoshiki is an ancient Japanese art which involves transporting and covering objects with hankies. This is one of the most ecological options for Christmas decoration ideas 2020 list. In Japan, there is a custom to pack gifts with hankies instead of wrapping paper. Well! This is not a bad idea to adopt this tradition this New Year.

7. Ornamented and customized napkins

If you are done with the selection of cutlery, tablecloth and crockery, it’s time to talk about napkins. Create simple crafts with showy appearance. Improve the look by writing diner’s name on separate cards and complement it with jute cord along with a napkin. Try something new with beautiful handwritten dedications for the guest.

8. Hanging table centres

Typical table centres have become an outdated fashion, it’s time to move towards trendy centrepieces. Traditional table centres occupy a lot of space, one can easily take advantage of gaps and decorate them with showpieces.

  • Tip for centrepiece- ornament the central lamp with Christmas balls and candies.
  • One can use old cups for simple and genuine decoration of the table.
  • Colour the candle top and decorate from the bottom for a beautiful outcome.

9. DIY snow crystal ball

All you need is miniabetos, glass jars, artificial snow, varied figurines, glitter, paintbrush, chalk paint and a brush. One of the simplest methods to beautify space at Christmas is crystal balls. Christmas ball is always a personal and surprising way to embellish home. One can also craft a little house for toddlers.

Another interesting way to make snowballs is by incorporating light bulbs instead of boats or jars. Either hang them up or decorate as a garland and turn on the magic.

10. Sweet details for your guests

The delicious aroma of cinnamon-rich, sweet and freshly baked cookies attracts people of all ages. Candies, toffees and sweets are major highlights of the Santa’s eve. Gifts and sweets are things that kids like the most about parties. Therefore, an interior designer in Pune recommends one last detail that will surprise all your friends, family members and close relatives.

Preparing pasta and cookies for guests is the best to plan for a cold December night. Once baked and ready to drink, serve your guests with hot chocolate while storing them in boxes to give away.

Bottom Line: Don’t allow any trend prescribe how your interior should be decorated this Christmas. If you love the peaceful ambience of lightings, embellish with multiple strings in the room. Go for bright, colourful or monochromatic version as you want to. You can also seek help from interior designer in Pune, these professionals have proper knowledge about interior space decoration as per the area of the home.

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