Vedanta, Wakad

Living room with an L shaped sofa in brown fabric, veneer panel tv unit with drawer and vertical unit, white wall shelf and white wall paint, ceiling in wood and coffee table kept on floor

Year: 2019

Budget: 35 Lakh

This 3 bedroom traditional apartment interior design was designed in a more traditional way as desired by the owner. Dark wood and jali patterns are constant characters throughout the house.

One can feel the aura starting from the lobby only which is specifically designed. The ceiling has an abstract geometric pattern and the walls have multiple wooden members fixed painted in white. 

As one proceeds from the entrance foyer which is designed in abstract form on walls and ceiling with the help of waste materials, a wooden designed door reveals the formal living room. The living room follows a color palette of brown and white, complemented by wooden texture. 

This space extends into a seating space with a sofa and custom-designed center table. The room holds a small cozy corner with hanging light near the window adorn with a sheer curtain creating a nook for sipping coffee or reading a book. 

The balcony has been designed as a private enclosure of sorts with surrounding views and potted plants.

The kitchen adjacent to the living area conveys subtle elegance through its subdued color and material palette. A well-designed lobby with jali fixed over the ceiling takes us to the bedrooms. 

The focus point of the lobby is a purple backlit mirror fixed at the end of the lobby creating a stunning effect.

Master bedroom with a wooden and mirror finish wardrobe is dominated by shades of brown. The custom made wooden poster bed reflects the authentic traditional design with a hint of modern character. 

The sheer curtains over posts and beige colored blinds complete the overall look of the master bedroom.

A similar color and material palette follows the guest bedroom with a cozy bed and wooden finish wardrobe. Walls are adorned with frames and hanging lights.

The overall project is done keeping in mind to keep the space clutter-free and minimalistic.