Mayekar Apartment

Area: 1800 sq.ft., Year: 2018, Design Team – Prashant Kulshreshtha, Urvija Kriti, Photography By – Yadnyesh

Western Hills, Pune

Area: 2500 sq.ft., Year: 2018, Design Team – Prashant Kulshreshtha, Anubhavi Nagar, Photography By – Vignett

Nation 11, Satara

Location- Satara, Status- Completed, Year-2018


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Legacy 2018

Area: 3000 sq.ft., Year: 2018, Design Team – Prashant Kulshreshtha Urvija Kriti, Akanksha Walse, Photography By – Sonam Kesarkar

Holy Nails, Pune

location- Baner, Pune, Status- Completed, Year-2018


Status: Built, Year: Dec 2016, Budget: Undisclosed, Photos: Vignett Studio Design Team: Prashant Kulshreshtha Etisha Jain Priyansh Sharma

Story: The constant development of hospitality in the world wrt design and presentation has been generating a lot of interest to young generation. This generation is outgoing, energetic and explorer. Giving the emerging tradition to rediscover the world and surroundings, The concept of @onfire Restaurant was devised. Being on terrace, away from hustle and burden of everyday life, engulfed in surrounding view and cool breeze, the place was planned to take and inspire to go to the road less traveled.


Tejaswini Makeup Studio, Pune

Type: Commercial Makeup-studio, Status: Built, Budget: Undisclosed, Area: 800 sq.ft., Year: 2018, Design Team – Prashant Kulshreshtha, Urvija Kriti, Photography By – Vignete photo studio, Description by – Tanvi Kulshreshtha & Urvija Kriti

Located in the city’s Baner area, a makeup studio ‘Evoke’ is where customers enjoy promised beauty & makeup services in a dreamy fairy tail set-up. By taking some extra measures to create a particularly attractive salon, we aimed to substantially increase its ability to attract and maintain clientele. Designed considering numerous factors including the customer persona & lifestyle, owner’s expectations, space limit, budget & the most important one “Exclusivity & uniqueness” – we are more than happy with how it has turned out fulfilling all the aspects.


Area: 4000 sq.ft., Year: 2014, Cost Of Execution: 150 Lakh Rs/- , Days executed in- 55 nos.