Holy Nails, Pune

Area: 1000 sq.ft.

Year: 2019

Design Team – Prashant Kulshreshtha, Anubhavi Nagar

Photography By – Vignett Studio

Tejaswini Makeup Studio, Pune

Status: Built

Area: 800 sq.ft.

Located in the city’s Baner area, a makeup studio ‘Evoke’ is where customers enjoy promised beauty & makeup services in a dreamy fairy tail set-up. By taking some extra measures to create a particularly attractive salon, we aimed to substantially increase its ability to attract and maintain clientele. Designed considering numerous factors including the customer persona & lifestyle, owner’s expectations, space limit, budget & the most important one “Exclusivity & uniqueness” – we are more than happy with how it has turned out fulfilling all the aspects.

Venturit Office, Eon, Kharadi

Area: 1800 sq.ft.

Year: 2018

Cost: 35 Lakh

Design Team – Prashant Kulshreshtha, Urvija Kriti

Photography By – Vignett Studio

Paddy’s Cafe, Pune

Area: 1000 sq.ft.

Year: 2017

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