Our Architecture Design Process


We Introduce our self and Note Down your requirements

Schematic Design

We Present you the idea and concept

Estimate and Detailing

We develop the detailed design and for financial management of the project

Project Completion

We supervise the project and handover with documents and Certificates.

What Set Us Apart - Interior Designer In Pune

Fixed Project Fees

With years of experience, expertise, and learning we have developed our fixed fees project fees, So your projects run peacefully without worrying Project costs escalation.

One Stop Solutions

We provide Design and Project Execution Services, so you dont need to look out for contractors and hence you get One Place Warranty.

Uncomparable Designs

Ogling Inches has been delivering the fastest and most beautiful project completion since its inception.

Most Efficient

Ogling Inches' execution techniques makes it the most unique interior designer in Pune, where our clients save almost 15% more time and cost.

L e a r n Why Our Competitors Also Love Us

Your Best Architects in Pune, Always Deliver More Than Expected


Ogling Inches operates as an integrated design Architects In Pune, bringing you everything that you may desire with regards to the creation of your ambiances whether Residential, Commercial, Healthcare or Hospitality.

Our Building design process and its execution are inspired by History, With probable technological and knowledge updates, we make sure to implement the most potential ideas. 

Being Architect in Maharashtra, Ogling Inches has the leverage to approach any project and anywhere in India. We are glad to mention that, Ogling Inches Design Architects are involved in Youth Hostel at Shimla, Hospital at Kannur and Mall at Uttarakhand. Collaborating with us would certainly let you watch over some of the best of Architecture.

As a few Good Architecture firms in Pune, ogling inches design philosophy has come from Local design and craft movement. Our Material textures, colour scheme are generated with an impresive through the process, putting your Building on the global map. 

Our architecture design in functional, beautiful and worthy of salutations from the masters of the art of design. 

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Architecture Design Philosophy


Being Most Respect Architecture firm in Pune, We design Buildings that consume up to 75% less energy


Our Resource optimized through integrated project delivery and Timeliness


Context responsive design with Local Impressive After effects


User-centric smart and wonderfully functional designed environment

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