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Done up in a very subtle and minimalist way, this small apartment interior design 
located in Balewedi area, designed to meet the requirements and essential comfort for the retired couple, with lots of customisation made in the standard designs just to keep up with clients comfort this apartment finally came up to their expectation.

The first thought to design that designers took forward is to design something that matches the environment these elderly couples would like to live in. The project is composed of pastel colour scheme and material that give neutral textures, excluding some spots that highlight the finishing.

Upon entering this small apartment interior design apartment one will first have a view of the console unit kept in front of a wallpapered wall, the former painted in lavender colour that has an eye catching support made up of brass which breaks the entire monotony of the subtleness created. Moving forward towards the living space, the living area, dining area and kitchen were integrated in one big open and harmonious space, giving the essential comfort to the space and removing every physical barrier.

With living room having a contemporary look were one will spend most of their time, having a TV unit made of white poly acrylic and wooden laminate facing the sofa sitting arrangement done as if it was back into the last decade along with a centre table in between, this rustic look got a break by the jaali screen given between kitchen and living space.

The kitchen was designed to allow eye contact with the entire living and dining area with an astonishing feature i.e. the mango coloured strip that is given the bottom of the countertop that highlights its path. The cabinets designed are all wood laminated succeeded by glossy black tile on the wall followed by the white quartz countertop at the bottom of which are the partitions provided for the kitchenware made up white poly acrylic. In the outer area is kept the crockery unit designed as per the client’s requirements.

Then comes the gallery that ends at a bedroom, at the start of which is a sink given on the top of a grey marble counter. At the back wall is given coloured square tiles that break the matrix of the surrounding and this sophistication is then balanced with a circular mirror with no frame on top of the sink. Then as one moves forward the colour of walls and ceiling are painted in pastel blue and at a distance from the ceiling are given wooden logs that stretch into the shorter span and then there are amber tinged lights hanging from the ceiling that brings the user a feeling of coziness before entering the bedroom.

At the end comes the bedroom having laminated flooring that stands out the space from the rest of the apartment having normal floor tile, this is contradicted by the vibrant coloured wallpaper given to the side wall and huge bed that is designed with a height of 20ft. for client’s comfort with a comfy headboard to make this room spellbound. 

Keeping in mind all the requirements that the client asked for and their comfort, the interior designers created a coherent and tight design style with subtle colour to give the couple the space they need. 

Year: 2019

Budget: 21 Lakh

Configuration – A 1200 sf contemporary niche small apartment interior design at balewadi with Glossy finishes just designed right for an Elderly couple.