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Located in the Baner-Balewadi area, this 4BHK apartment belongs to a relative of one of our previous Interior Design clients. 

With the use of glossy surfaces, we have tried to create a transparent yet intimate space for the users.

On entering into the apartment there is a sense of rhythmic flow with minimum composition. The minute detained furniture makes the space extraordinary and eye-catching, just like the red ceramic handles glued on the shoe wardrobe shutters. 

Acquired from Etsy, the handles give a slight hint on the surprising space is going to unveil. Exiting the common hallway we enter the living room which surprises with its strong and evident color palette used over the TV wall in blue. 

The focal point in the living room remains the entertainment unit in bleached oak veneer, black reflective shutters with an artsy edge handle and an entire glass cabinet.

The cabinet displays souvenirs the client has collected from his many trips, it surely justifies his taste in art and the reason for the design of the apartment.

The combination of luxurious custom made sofa and chairs offer a comfortable setting while enjoying the outdoor view. The furniture consists of contemporary national design. 

The green paint on the passage end soothes your vision layer by layer as you decide to take your step to the bedrooms. The left is the master bedroom, it is a visual shift from artsy to elegant, maybe because of the reflective mirror wardrobe that unravels the mystery in one look.

The wall patterns in texture paint and the velvet upholstered bed equally contribute to making the space as enchanting as it is. When you stay near the window side, you will discover a compact yet aesthetically engaging study unit with metal shelves overhead.

While entering the dining area one could not resist but to admire the brown-tinted crockery unit with bronze frame. The furniture light makes the whole unit luminous and compliments the space. All these materials and delicate textures engage you in an enchanting space that soothes your mind layer by layer.

The opposite bedroom is for the kids, with all-white interiors and composition of lines flowing all around the space holding everything together to spread a free light and floating vibe.

Both the wardrobe has an adjoining study table fixed on the wall and metal support at the corner.

The drapes of the room steal your eye away, embroidered with tiny little kites and strings, it helps to block the kid’s focus to travel outside and make them concentrate inside.

There is a kind of metaphor hidden in the space i.e every turn is unique and upholds different secrets about the space, the residential interior designer has successfully given a space that is very appealing and soothing to live within.

The overall apartment interior design was to create a modern and minimalist design that balances beauty and functionality. 

Year: 2019

Budget: 35 Lakh

Configuration – 4 BHK apartment Interior Design In Pune Watching over the busy streets of the area, this apartment Interior design project has an invisible power of colors creating an intimacy between the people and space.