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“To make a design successful is a never ending job. It is always an evolving procedure that brings alive a melange of colours and texture in the most natural way possible.”

Speaking about the client brief, the brief was to design a practical and modern home that adds a sense of luxury to the whole space and also makes the inhabitant comfortable in their own space.

The entrance of the house welcomes you with subtle colour themed space. 

The guest room is designed with a hydraulic bed fitted to the wall that makes room for the keyboard drawer below it. Long study table near the window has been designed with white and wooden finish. 

The living room features a beautiful seating arrangement. Soft toned sofa goes along with the whole character of the living area. The space has a warm, yet inviting feel. The chandelier adds richness to the whole ambience. The stylish bar unit adorned with glass and veneer makes a statement. While sitting in the living area you can enjoy the greenery outside the balcony.

The terrace garden concept and outdoor furniture promises to integrate natural greenery with the modern outdoor furniture in home.

Each concept is made with precession and enunciated style, giving a very definitive, distinguished and dignified elegance to modern home.

Curate a dining space that is high on geometrical patterns and celebrates a striking soft colour palette. The dining table top has been made in corian with brass legs which adds on the charm of the whole table. The crockery unit which is designed in glass is eye catching.

The boy’s room has been designed with a combination of dark and light tone. Window seating has been provided to utilise the space and enjoy the beautiful surrounding through the large window. The interesting tone variation of the colours light up and give a distinctive sign to the ambient.

Mother’s room has been designed with subtle color to tone to give a relaxed feeling. White back painted glass wardrobe with veneer finish. 

The master bedroom has a grey and white combination of furniture and the whole wardrobe has been given a mirror finish with some veneer to highlight the whole structure. The large window fills the room with ample light and the mirror wardrobe gives us the feeling of a larger room. It is simple yet elegant in style, evoking a calm vibe. A study corner that takes you to an inspiration dimension with its engaging ambience and intriguing design elements.

Year: 2019

Budget: 35 Lakh

Configuration – A 4200 Sq feet of Classy apartment design at Baner with Most sophisticated interior design finishes.